Free Maps Navigator

When I first got my Nokia 5800 11 months ago, I was really interested in the GPS functions. And so, I tried the OVI maps. One good thing with the built-in GPS function is that you can still use the OVI Maps but you have to wait a bit longer for it to lock on to the GPS satellites. Compared to A-GPS which 'locks' on almost instantaneously but you'll have to pay for network charges. Anyway, the more I explored the OVI Maps, the more I like it. But there is a stark difference when I played with a real deal Garmin GPS unit. Seems like the OVI Maps does not have a 'voice guidance' to guide you to your destination. You have to pay for it.

But thanks to the free 7-day trial that comes with the Nokia 5800, I was happy with it. But when I looked at the monthly charges for the Navigator, I might as well buy a Garmin. But now, thanks to Nokia (and DuckUla of NMTE) the OVI Maps and the Navigator is now FREE. Yes, free. And you can either download it here or use your Home Wifi instead.

I wanted to try this out a few days ago but being busy at work, there was no way I could activate the Office Wifi for my own selfish use. And so, today, I had the opportunity.

Sure enough, when I went to the software update
screen menu, the new OVI Maps 'with free navigator'
is ready for download. All 7988 kB of them. Whee..

And so, every delightful minutes ticked
by as it downloaded via the home WiFi.

And then, the software installed itself successfully


However, there is no fun splashscreen, just a
normal End-user policy.

Compared to the old OVI Maps, this new screen
is more colourful. But if you're used to the more
user-friendy Garmin XT, the navigation is very
complicated. Try changing voice prompts in the
middle of the journey and you will see what I
mean. Heh.

Not sure why my picture gets turned 90ยบ sometimes
but here is a screen shot of the new Navigator.

Here it is in Landscape mode. Note the working
cogs icon at the bottom left.

Its not a systems setting menu but
more on how you want the screen
to look like.

You can search for places either by manual entry
or from the map. However, unlike the Garmin XT
using Malfreemaps, there are a lot of places I could
not locate. So, I am not sure if anyone would start
to update maps for Nokia like Malfreemaps.

Because I chose the Asia Option, I get to have
English (UK Male and Female), Cantonese,
Mandarin (China and Taiwanese Females) but
not the English Surfer Dude which I have to go
download manually. Here's an example:
"After 100 metres, turn right.That would be your right, not my right, dude!"

OK, this is the screen for navigation. However, I
cannot take the pictures of the maps once the
satellites has locked on. (Because I am not going
anywhere. Ha ha ha) But once you start moving,
the maps on the screen updates very fast (because
its vector something something) and is a joy to
watch, especially when you turn into a corner.
But if you have a built-in compass like the N97,
the maps would not go crazy when you are in a
stationary position.

Stay tuned for the next post where I will try out the OVI Maps.

Saturday Blues

Well, this will be the second last Saturday for me and I am starting to miss the place. There is still so much knowledge to cram to my Senior Tech and Boss but because of the sudden job increase, there is no time for us to do anything. My Boss did ask me a few times if I could return on Saturdays but since I have yet to know the new schedules, I cannot make any promises and he knows that factories also work on Saturdays.

But this morning, he did not come in but called on the phone to ask for updates. I told him we're all waiting for him to start the morning briefing. And so, while waiting, we did our normal business and I, as usual, to the toilet. The funny thing was, as soon as I came out, everyone was gone. I saw them leaving with the van.

Apparently, they know of the appointment except me since I was at Seremban the whole day yesterday. But this does not help when I start to feel the blues. Anyway, Boss called up and said once I finish some testing, I can come over. Well, they did call me more after that asking me to bring this and that since they rushed out too fast....

Anyway, this is a long term job and its to be done in phases. We have all planned for this and the best solution was to use the overhead cable trays instead of conduits since there would be a lof of cables being added to it during each phase. In fact, each table would require a telephone and a network cable. Multiply that with more than 70 (or is it 90?) tables, you'll see the problem. Not only that, indirectly, we're upgrading their cabling system in the long run as old cables do give a lot of problems after some time.

And so, doing some work in the office alone. Maybe
its the lighting and maybe because no one else was
in the office, the whole place looked gloomy.

Today was the female clerk's alternate Saturday off
and so
I switched off the main Office lights to save
some energy. Looks depressing, right?

And not only that, I now have three mouth
ulcers. Serves me right for not drinking a
lot of water these past few weeks. Its very
painful and distracting to me.

Later, after being involved in the
Saturday jam, I arrived at the
with the 'forgotten' tools such as
a saw and a pair of pliers. Today,
we're laying some metal cable trays
in preparation for the huge amount
of cabling to be done in the next
few months.

Its a very simple concept. You cut
the metal rod to length, then you
drill the concrete. Put a metal bung
on one end, use the hammer to tap
and expand the bung and twist the
rod until firm. Then you secure the
tray with a metal nut and washer.

We had to relocate some air conditioning ducts
as they're very low and are blocking path of
the metal trays.

Since the ceiling is modular, so are the ducts

As we're working alongside the other contractors,
you can imagine the amount of dust and debris in
the office. By the time I left at half past three, the
job is almost complete except for the forgotten
network cables........