Trip to Bukit Tinggi

So, today is October First, which is Hari Raya. And what do we all do on the first day of Hari Raya? Yes, we're going to bore you with lots and lots of photos taken from the Bukit Tinggi Trip. Bwahahahahahaha!

It all started when my Wife wanted to take them somewhere. Since its Hari Raya, chances are, Genting would be full of people, not to mention the Lake Gardens, etc. The special trip cannot be wasted on shopping malls, oh no. So, Bukit Tinggi it is, then. The trip was supposed to start at eight in the morning but by the time we're ready, its almost eleven. And boy, I hate to be right when on the Highway, it was slightly jammed because everyone who is not celebrating, was making a bee-line to Genting Highlands.

Anyway, by the time we arrived, there was a considerable amount of people and so, we decided to only visit three places; The Rabbit Farm, Colmar Tropicale and the Japanese Village.

The Rabbit Farm.
Immediately after the ups & down and the twist & turns, we ended up at the Rabbit Farm without anyone vomiting. Either everyone is exited or my driving has improved. In order to get into the farm, you need to pay RM3 for adult and RM2 for children above two years old. And once you're in there, you are allowed to pet the rabbits, hold them up and also pet other animals. But eventhough its a farm, you cannot buy rabbit meat and cook it for dinner. (I once had Rabbit Stew in Scotland and it tasted like slightly tough chicken). And this is a hit with kids who love to pet them, with parents running after them running after the rabbits.

Kristine and the donkey

Kristine and Kaelynn with a deer

This is a real magnet for kids once they realise what its meant for.
Luckily, it was facing the other way or we'll be fighting a small crowd

OK, so Kaelynn was not that amused, being grabbed and all

Finally, Mommy caught one and both girls pet the rabbit
until it could not stand it anymore and hopped off

Which means Krsitine had to chase it and other rabbits
Fun for her but not fun for the scared rabbits. Ha ha ha

Finally, it was time for us to leave

And how did the girls feel about the farm?

Colmar Tropicale
So, out of nowhere, they built a castle. And its been more than ten years since my ex-colleagues and I stepped there to see mists and the front facade. (Or Fak-kar-deh as Phua Chu Kang mentioned it). Now, its full of people and getting a parking space in there was nerve wracking. But luckily, we found a space after a double parked Waja vacated its space. It was inspired by the original Colmar Village somewhere in France which boasts of good food, street markets and performances. I can tell you this, there is nothing to see but expensive restaurants, lots of people and a clown. But heh, its more of a place to bring babes and entice her with wonderful views.

So, its right down to lunch first.
Maggi-in-a cup. Wife wanted to
make some for me but I know
the girls. There'll be a lot of

Kaelynn outside the car park

The entrance. So many people walking here
and there, all with their mobile phone and
Canon cameras.

There wasn't much of street performers or stalls worth noting
and with sky-high prices, I felt as if we're the clowns; driving
up all the way here to buy a Rm5.00 Cornetto ice-cream.
(OK, I did not buy)

This is the tower which has a broken lift. We only
managed to get to the first level before everyone
tired out. Yeah, both girls demanded to be "lifted"
And because of the contructions, I do not want
them to go any higher since it is very easy for one
to "trip" and fall through the stairs.

OK, so the view is nice but somehow, I felt its
very cramped.

Once quick picture, OK, several quick pictures
since its very hard for them to sit still

And we're back down again. Krsitine is not too
happy going back to the Square because she
knows its time

And the clown knows it too.So,

Where are you, Kristine? I'm coming!
Ha Ha Ha Ha Aha Ha Ha!

One quick escape later and she got kidnapped to be
company for some cute little girl on the see-saw

Before we go for the next trip, we visited the Black swans
And did not care less for the white ones since they hid
under the drawbridge far away

Haih, I no eye see la. Some people

The Japanese Village
Last stop is the Japanese Vllage which costs RM10.00 for adult and RM8.00 for kids above two years old. The main attraction here is the Japanese Garden which was built by Kaio Ariizumi. From the car park, you will need to walk up the steep hill where you can then decide to get refreshed at the Souvenir Shop, Tatami Spa, the Botanical Garden or just go straight to the Japanese Tea House where the Garden is located. Just follow the small path and it will lead you to the Garden. And boy, this place is amazing. Once you Kille,..... er, imagine there are no other people around, this place is peaceful and cooling. And just like what I would desire if I wanted to have a house. And yes, this is a terrific place to bring babes and groups of babes and take photos of them. Instantly, they will start posing and you do not need any encouragement. I have seen some perching on rocks, looking cute, etc.

This is the view of the steep slope from the car park entrance

Believe me when I say its steep. Some would drive their
cars up or get the feeder bus driver to go up. But most
would just walk

Some would just wear high heels

And some would just try to enjoy the whole thing.
By the time we reached the souvenir shop, the prices
were the same: RM5 for the Cornetto, RM2 for the
cheap ice-cream and RM4.50 for a can of 100 plus
(Had to buy one can and a Rm2.00 ice-cream for the
girls to share)

The Koi Pond which is beautiful

And the Japanese Tea house where only Tea house
customers are allowed in

The pond which is my favourite

At the Waiting House

Where Kristine fits comfortably into the surrounding

Compared to Kaelynn

I liked this view too and just sitting there overlooking
the pond makes me feel so calm and sleepy

And peaceful too. If I get to stay here for a week, I think
it would encourage me to get a lot of things done

How I wished I had brought my Tripod because lighting
here is not very good. And with all the things I had to
carry, my hands were shaking a lot

One last look at the Koi Fishes before going home.
Funnily enough, no one here tried to throw stones
at them compared to Colmar

I had to wait quite some time for people to disperse
the background