The trip down South ..... Seremban

Yeah, I know, at this rate, I am going to collapse. The work is piling up non-stop and we just can't seem to get our breaths back. Today, or should I say, for the few days, we would all be in Seremban. And I just hope I won't miss zybisko14's Wedding this coming Saturday. The way I see it, I could be working there, slip out of the customer's place, go into the Wedding and then slip back out again. Ha ha ha ha!

Anyway, there are two simultaneous jobs here. One would be to install a CCTV system and the other is to upgrade the PABX system on another site. And I would be responsible for both sites. Haih.

Because the contractor won't be able to finish breaking and re-doing the floor tiles until Monday evening, I cannot do much until then. I would need to go back on Monday (Public Holiday) to make sure all the phone points and credit card terminals I have done earlier are still working once they re-positioned the tables again. Haih and double Haih.

A quick grab for the Orange McFlurry before going to Seremban.
I would not reccomend this McFlurry because the orange reminds
me of the Sunquick cordial which tasted unlike anything orange.

Just after Kajang, there is a long traffic jam all the way to Seremban. By
then, all the cars disappeared. Maybe they're all going to Port Dickson.
The jam along wasted me about an hour. We're literally crawling there
and I was too tired to take shots of cars using the Emergency Lane. Yes,
even the Singaporeans are doing it too.

This is the first site. I followed my techs up the rickety ladder and up to
the roof. Then I discovered I'm too chicken to climb down again, so I had
to carefully climb across other roofs to get down. Maybe because its that
I am starting to get conscious about my gaining weight again, which makes
me very insecure about my own physical ability.

Once that's fnished, I went to the other site, which I have to do this all
on my own. Luckily, my Boss was there to enforce the techs to do all the
cabling as they were too tired and some more, since Monday is a Public
Holiday, they wanted to go home. By then, my work was already cut out
for me. halfway working, they other crew came in and started to work on
the floor tiles. They created a lot of noise and dust. Luckily, I have my
MP3 cassette with me. But no face mask. Must get them on the next trip.

While working, I realised that I completely forgot about the dust until I
went to work on the Notebook. See the layer of white dust? Only the
small smudge on the spacebar tells you how dirty it became.

This is the shot I took before I started work

This is the shot I took after midnight. By then,
the cables are all tidied up, connected and new
equipment installed. Yeah, its tiring. If not for
the techs earlier, I would have needed another
100 minutes or so.

Too exhausted to carry on anymore, so I stopped briefly before
the Toll. Took some pictures to relax my mind as it was feeling
very tense.

So, this is how they did it. Those "Ali and Aminah" wedding
arrow signs. They just parked the car in the middle, got out
and then hammered the signs on the road shoulder.