An afternoon with Wong Choon Hann

Today was something quite unexpected for me. You see, our company was selected to go for a Panasonic Product training. And because there were limited seats, I was given first priority. Going there was a bit weird because as I have been working with Toshiba PABX for so long, it was like stepping into an enemy's territory. Although I have gained my freedom years ago, the feeling was still there but there is a chance for reconciliation because we CAN now all embrace them as much as we liked. The second suprise was that I got to meet a lot of familiar faces in the industry too. From ex-colleague (turned competitors) to old friends and scums alike, we still had to put on our happy faces and hide our shock. At least for now, I know who's who and how to react since I coming out of my protective Toshiba bubble.

Throughout the day, I was expecting for a more comprehensive (and technical) training for their existing PBX and PABX products so this could bring me up to date instead of bugging my main supplier. But alas, it was not to be, because after looking through the afternoon’s itinery, it was more like a product launch for dealers. Still, I was not disappointed as the products being launched for the afternoon was actually for Call Centres and Hotels, something which Toshiba was lacking over the years here, in both support and costs. I hate to say this but it was the main distributor’s fault which led to the Toshiba brand being so weak now. So, I am now more confident than ever in approaching for Hotels.

For the better part of the afternoon, we had guest speaker, Mr. Wong Choon Hann, one of the National Badminton players, to give us a motivation talk. He had just returned from Scotland the day before and just to hear him speak was quite an honour. He told us how he got into the game, how he fought, experienced his first injury and how he overcame it, both physicaly and emotionally. And after that, it was off to Subang USJ's badminton court for a clinic session where participants were given tips and demonstration on badminton by Mr. Wong.

All in all, it was a good day for me. I have been near some celebrities and personalities but never this close nor shook hands with them. (Except for Najib where we lined up like "never see before kampung fella" to shake his cold and clammy hands, which I do not like to mention) Still, Mr. Wong was quite sporting and just to see him grace our wretched lives, was quite an event.

Still, I'd like to mention that there is something wrong with my camera. When I shoot straight on, the images are blurred. But under a bright sunlight, the chances of it blurring is less, though. But when close up, its fine. I wonder why. I have even made sure it is focusing on "centre" as mentioned by Loctor.

Hee hee hee hee

One of the better shots from my camera

Mr. Wong demonstrating the effects of using the front legs to
bounce back immediately as most of the players used their
shoes for that ehk..ehk..ehk.. braking

At the end of the day, poor Mr. Wong was asked to sign
things from shoes to wallets.....