Who is not going to Dinner?

Why does it happen to me of all things? Just the last minute, my Boss was unable to attend a customer's Hari Raya Gathering and so, I have to go. I had to bring along the hamper which I bought as a gift to them too. So, having no choice, I had to do my duty.

Its not that I do not like it when there is free food but driving at night in the rain and with no air-con where the car windows mists up is just plain worrying. Still, it was a great evening where I get to meet other (potential) clients and chat with most of the staff of the two offices. Now, they know who I am and should not hesitate to kill me given the chance. Ha ha ha ha!

Compliments to the Chef! I had two rounds and still wanted
more but have to act Gentlemen la, since they are my
customers and friends. Even when I was there, I took
the chance to examine each CCTV and my customer
scolded me for being a workaholic. Sheesh. Pai seh

So, I wandered about and took some weird photos. This one is
titled: "Condemned" as it is being thrown out of sight, away
from the crowd

This one is called: "Frustration" The lifts were not really working
for a long time and more often, its a bit slow too. However, most
of the occupants here are just plain destructive and mischevious
as they were caught on the CCTV every now and then.


To Nexus

OK, after some Instant Messaging, Nex says the package is mine and inside it, is a Playmates Star Trek The Next Generation Tricorder!


And its all mine!

Woo Hoo!

So, the contents of the package is (clockwise from top) the plastic
wrappings, the box itself, the O2 battery, the flip-top calculator
and the toy Tricorder!

Anyway, I took the battery and fitted into Nex's O2
just for fun. And then.........

Yowza! It turns on!

Unfortunately, he did not include his SIM card and so,
I cannot make any crank calls. Hee hee hee hee
But seriously, there is a problem with the screen
alignment, similar to my late HP iPaq4350 which
can be cured with a screen adjustment. If i can
remember how to do it, that is

[Update: 15 minutes later]
Oh, I see, there is a real problem with the screen and the calibration module does not work. Maybe I should have re-dropped it and hope it will work itself out.........