Voice recording in Seremban II

So, so its a few days already. Time to go back there as the Main customer is getting the jitters. Oh did I say that? Very well, we got this through our vendor who is the vendor for the Customer whose client is engaged by their HQ. In other words, we are the sub-sub contractors but dealing with the customer directly. In other words, the sub-sub contractor is dealing with the Branch Manager. Get it? No? Never mind.

Anyway, I got the volume problem solved (if only the customer let me stay a little longer) and today is the last trip for all of us. And I don't believe I spent the whole day there. Actually, my Senior Tech is supposed to follow me to learn the ropes but all of a sudden, work is piling up like nobody's business. So, today is a no brainer; get the recording done, get the Boss to approve it and let it run.

Do not be intimidated by this system which can
grow to 72 extensions and still compact enough.
Me? I am not intimidated but tempted to tear it
off the wall and stomp on it. I just hate this NEC
model as we were all cursing when it comes to
installing the damn thing which greatly delays
our installation time to a factor of four.

While waiting for Voice talent #4, I helped myself
to some fried seaweed, which is my favourite. Of
course since its not mine, I couldn't finish the whole
container even though I could. Ahem.

And after the recording, Boss was not around and
so, I was told to come back 2 hours later. And so,
its another Rm6.80 lunch. Very delicious!

In order to obtain the 'perfect' voice quality, the
Boss locked us in a room which acoustically isolated
us from the outside world. I was so happy until I
realised the voice talent is married and the other
three walls are made of glass.....

Conducting the voice recording is very simple. You
just need to have a phone to call into the AA system
and thats it. So, to me, its a tool.

All the voice talent need to do is to read out
the script, word for word but with the proper
intonation and pauses. To her, its not a very
big problem.

So you tell her that everyone in the office, by now,
knows that her voice will be used for the AA system.
And if her family members or HQ Bosses call in, it
is HER voice that they're hearing. All of the sudden,
the phone looks very intimidating to her and by the
looks on her face, she is becoming nervous..... ha ha ha

After an hour or two, its all done but the customer
cannot activate it since their Streamyx and VOIP
link is still down since Monday. And so, on the way
back home, I went across the Chocolate Shopped
and spent RM61.50 on some goodies which I hope
I can hide before Chinese New Year or else (if)
guests come, they have nothing sweet to eat.

After the second customer, it was time to go home
but just barely hald an hour into the journey, it
started to rain heavily right after Kajang. I was
a bit afraid since I am literally out of petrol and
was hoping to refill at the Shell which was 500
metres before the Toll ends. Yeah, my 13 year
old Bengmobile is giving 260 KM for 22.2222L.

After the Toll, there was another jam right after
Taman Desa because some car got stuck in the
middle lane and its not easy to avoid in the rain

Then there is another jam at the Federal Highway as
a lot of cars were so relieved from the first jam, they
forgot they need to come back to the right-most lanes
to continue their journey into Petaling Jaya and/or
Shah Alam. So, my normal journey lasted about more
than 2 hours because of the rain and the traffic jam.