Thanks to Telekom

What a day. And I am supposed to be outstation. The problem started when I was about to go to Seremban but had to stop by a customer in Damansara Perdana as they complained that therir telephone line was out. Unfortunately, by this time Nex has already arrived at LCCT and I am supposed to pick him up. When I arrived at the customer's place their line was working. So, I has wasted almost 45 minutes for nothing. Anyway, the original plan was to detour to KL Sentral and pick him up from there before going to Seremban. But plans change because of my hectic schedule. So, it ended with Nex waiting at LCCT while I drove like mad using the Highway to get there. In the end, he had to follow me all the way to Seremban and wait for me there while I attend to my customer before we go the The Outpost which is his intended destination.

By the time I was aboutto leave Seremban after lunch, my technician called and it seemed that another customer nearby also had the same problem. And at the same time, they wanted to program the ISDN line. Because I was moving about, there was no electrical outlet to plug my Notebook into and look for the notes, we had to find one fast since its battery gave out after 15 minutes. Sad to say, I lost about RM15 because of this. Still, despite no air-con in the car and raining heavily, I got Nex to the Outpost in one piece. Ha ha ha ha!

But I was still not happy because a few more customers also had this problem which I suspect must be someting to do with Telekom.

Yeah, this Frappucino costs me RM13.15
and the parkng into Starbucks was Rm2.
By the time I got the drink and was about
to open my Notebook, my tech called and
said the lines were OK so I don't have to
bother. Damn

My tiny super stick

So, for the rest of the afternoon today, I was running all around Kepong doing a few chores, from cashing out cheques to entering them, buying hardware, a new office printer (long story, this one) and a hamper for tonight's customer dinner. All was fine until Boss forgot to mention about buyng another item which means I had to go back to the previous stop and drivng under a hot sun in with no air-con is madness. By the time I was finished, I was literally soaking and I stink like a fat guy who was locked in a sauna for too long.

Still, I had enough time to get myself another USB thumbdrive. This was because I was out looking for a replacement printer and saw this ultra thin and small thumbdrive. So, I got one and that made me slightly happier for the rest of the day. So, what can I do with 4GB of data?

Its almost the size of one DVD disk. Maybe I can fill it up with MP3s but if I insert it to my FM transmitter, I would have a hell of a time selecting the correct songs since my remote is lost and the buttons are not responding too well. Either that or I will have to get a cheep cheep car audio player that accepts USB cards or DVDs (they costs about RM399 from what I saw at the Kepong Info advertisements) but they usually do not last long and there is no point wasting money on this. Or maybe I'll just store it with the first half of the second season of The Sarah Connor Chronicles video files and watch it somewhere else. Choices, choices, ha ha ha ha!

RM48.00 for 4GB, which is alright but on the Internet
a 2006 Forum tested it and it reported a very slow
writing speed. Not a problem for me anyway.

See how small it is? Not only do they include a cute string
thingy but also some kind of holder, which reminds me of
the always fatal character Kenny in South Park

Unfortunately, since 2006 to now, it does not have a LED
to indicate activity. So, I have to make sure its not being
written or access when I want to pull it out.