Road menace

Nowadays, its not just the motorcyclists being the menace on the road but increasingly, so are the motorists. Most of them which irks me are the ones who cut into lanes without proper signaling. And they way the did which really pisses me most:

1) The sneaky sneak
They will slowly move to the edge of the lane and then cruises to you own speed. Once you are one car behind, they will cut into the lane and more or less, forces you to slow down dramatically.

2) The standing still cut
Just like the above but they come out from a lane that has a lot of non-moving cars. And once they swerve into your lane, be prepared for Emergency Brakes.

3) The last minute swerve
They will definitely do this once they match your speed and then, with just a fast rare blink (read: one) on the turn indicator (they assumed they have the rights now) they will cut in.

4) The stuntman
Usually this belongs to luxury cars, taxis, lorries and even Bengmobiles but more and more mid-sized cars are joining the fun. It does not matter if the road is free of cars or just normal, they will cut into the lane as it making a turn. No signals whatsoever except your horn.

There are other species which I have yet to discover unless my nerves are shot. Just because I am driving a van which has lousy acceleration I am victim to all these. Ha. Once I go back to my Bengmobile, we'll see. Bwahahahahahahahaah!

This stupid lorry slowed down in front of me on a lane which
is supposed to turn left. I honked and honked and was about
come out of the van to take his photo, but the lights changed

You can't honk at this fellow because: One, he is bigger than
you and two, he puts out the hand gesture of "Sorry, la" or
something to that effect. So, horning him would be like you
punching a guy in the face when he smiles in greeting

You can say otherwise but lets see how you deal with it when
you are all alone............