Workshop Prototype PCB

After weeks of waiting, I got the prototype board back. However, because it took so long, I can barely remember the component's values at all. Worse still, the circuit diagrams are missing. But that is the least of my problems. My main problem is to test the boards and make sure my design is working before taking it to full production. And by my calculations, I have less than two weeks to achieve this.

This is the prototype board. Note the black lines on it.
This is the photo resist and must be removed before I
can start to solder the components.

The components do not fit exactly but this is not a
problem. I know what happened and its nothing to
do with the design since this is just a prototype.

Align CenterBut if this problem persist in the real production, I am
going to be in a lot of trouble.

OK, finally, after two hours of struggling, I managed
to finish the first board. And it works! Still, I might
need to change the design a bit. Heh.

So, for this workshop, there will be four PCBs to solder, with each relating to the presentation materials for the day. I think it will cost a bit more since I am incorporating four designs into one "lot" instead of one design into one "lot" each. And not only that, the cutting of each board is going to be another problem as each design uses different size. If I make them all the same size, the cutting problem could be solved but then, the design would look weird and not optimised. Once the design is finalised and then it comes back from the manufacturer, only will I know how many set of PCB boards will be available for the Workshop. Right now, I estimate it to be enough for 10 participants based on my last "top secret" design.

Sadly, this will be my first and last Workshop since my current work requirements for this year requires my full concentration and nothing less. So, you guys better ask a lot of questions and bring your models if you can. Its sad since everything for the past few years is starting to bear fruit, only to be nipped at the bud.

(But if anyone wants to order Corporate Diaries or Calendars, please let me know. Heh)