Nice PC Mod Website

I forgot how I came to this page, and I do not know how to translate it. But the projects in there are very very nice. One project even have a PC what uses water and turn it into a waterfall with a fish at the bottom.

The Suicide Bomber

We were in a Hospital Ward trying to protect the patients where one of them was a close relative to mu pet sister. So, there was this computer nerd sitting at the Hospital's stairwell who has made a bomb hooked to a desktop PC. He was there with his Notebook.

We have less than 3 minutes to disarm the bomb and while we're doing that, he started the timer. So, while my partner was trying to disarm it, I was watching from the computer screen and with only 20 seconds to go, there was not enough time to evacuate all the patients in that wing. And we were not fast enough to run away. So we would have to stay with the bomb. Then the timer ran out as its clock did not follow the normal "seconds" timer of a clock which was running quite fast.


I was so angry that I went to the stairwell and contronted the suicide bomber.

ME: Did you know that you could have killed everyone including your brother?
*We found out that he is somehow related to my Pet sis's relative*

HE: *shocked for a moment before regaining his composure*
No, I did not kill him. I did him a favour. I gave him 15 minutes to live.

ME: You did not. You robbed him of 15 minutes to survive.

With that, he closed his Notebook, got up and walked away.

And I turned my back to him, swung my fist. I did not feel any pain but heard a loud sickening bone crunching thud. When I looked back, he was out cold on the floor with some bits of blood.

Then I had a closer look at him. He's Carson, the gay fella from the "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" TV program. God, I hated him anyway, and with the channels irritating repeating ad of him saying, "This closet is not clean!" in a sick French accent.

Then Kristine woke up with a cry and I realised it was a dream.