Auto-Dialers or VoIP for Joe Public Part I

Look around your office, chances are, you would have spotted one of these infernal things. They are always stuck next to your Office PABX or near the Fax Machine.

And I hate them.

These small little boxes monitors the telephone numbers you have dialed. If the numbers are for local calls, they would ignore them. But once it detects a mobile phone number, trunk or International calls, the auto-dialer would "trap" the number briefly. It then uses the Terrokom line to dial into its own Gateway number and then inserts your outgoing number after that. It other words, it hijacks your call away from Terrokom lines and into its own line which then routes it to other places in the World via VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). So, in the end, you have a very cost effective telephone call.

And Terrorkom hates them.

But then again, it was their fault for not taking the VoIP step. All Hell broke loose when the Multimedia Act was drawn up which allows VoIP companies to enter into the fray. So, Terrokom can do nothing but join in or risk losing out on the diminishing piece of the lucrative Telecommunication Pie. Nowadays, you have a lot of companies approaching you, like some Insurance Salesmen with these services and each one promises the best rate and/or service in town. There are many tiers where the Big Fish are the main Telcos like Celcom, Maxis, Digi and Terrorkom who sell to ASPs or VoIP companies like
Nationcom, Astiva, and RedTone to name a few. And then they sell to smaller fries are those Wartels and small booths catering for the foreign labourers from Indonesia, Pakistan, etc.

This customer has 14 lines, and the nice auto-dialer people actually put up a frame for them

This is how its connected. The Terrokom line goes in on the left and comes out on the right and into your Fax or Phone system.

"The Curve" @ Jalan Kuching

I am not sure what they're going to do there but its quite a big road diversion. This is just about 100metres before the demolished Toll Plaza (if you're coming from the City, that is). But its a very nice curve which makes my morning more bearable. Ha ha ha ha.

"The Curve" on the way to Kepong. Ha ha ha ha
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Well, I don't know what to comment but I am sure his fuel consumption and tire wear is going to kill him.