15102012 Trip to KK

Its another trip to KK and this time, we really have a mission. And so, HM's plans for our future is starting to take place, whether I agree to it or not. OK, OK, I agree. Wholeheartedly one hundred thousand millions super-duper percent. But its damn far from Pasar Road (sob... sob...)

The very first step is this, which I would like to DIY on. Nothing special, just a simple white paint and a light.
While we were cleaning up, I snuck into my 'Workroom' and found this Gundam MS006. Why did I buy it? It was because I think, I was fascinated with this model ever since I got the two (red and blue) GundamFix toys.

Here's me trying to make it look like a Macross Valkyrie like those posters you see. But all I can only manage was an erected dick.

Come evening, we had some very nice little dinner at Esquire Kitchen. Since most of the waiters and waitresses were busy, I quietly went to their station and got myself some nice selection of sauces.

And the girls are happy because each has their own Tropicana Orange

And like me, they started to mix drinks...

Although the food came very fast, the girls whacked them as soon as the landed on the table.

Yes, yes. I am taking pictures as I have a lot of time. Once they have 'finished' their meals, its my turn as DBKL...

So, in any way, I am trying to tell you but I cannot say too much as the plans are slowly coming together and I would have my own room. Understand, ya?