My Fantasy Project - The PADD Update 20.12.2005

Its been more than two weeks since I continued with my PADD project. This is due to the problems I had when converting the CAD drawings into a format that the Laser Cutter can understand. After going to and fro, today, (for the sixth time) we finally got it working. So, I hope to collect the acrylic templates tomorrow.

I am so happy now

Day Dreaming Driver

I hate this type of drivers who drives slowly to change lanes. And most of the times, you do not know if they want to do that or just drive like that. It happened this morning and when I passed by, the car decided to switch lanes NOW. So, I ended up with a whack on my wing mirror and got horned.

I was so pissed that I wanted to get down and give the driver a piece of my mind.

Further on, an impatient van wanted to go faster but there was a taxi in front. So, it overtook and did an emergency brake to teach the taxi a lesson in speed (or so the taxi driver thought) and the taxi swerved onto my lane in anticipation. Nearly caused an accident. Damn!