New chairs

My Dad got these chairs from Ikea for a nice bargain. One thing about Ikea stuff is that you have to assemble them yourself. Which is usually a no brainer. Twice I have encountered relatives scratching their heads assemblinng Ikea chairs. Believe me, they are quite easy to do. And they even give you the tools to do it.

Sometimes, if you're stuck, a quick glance at the pictures on the manual would help you out.

Ikea is spelled D-I-Y
Repeat after me, D-I-Y

This took me 6 minutes to set up
(And 20 minutes to make sure Kristine behaves herself without damaging anything)

Now we realised why we only have half a pair of shoes

Sunday Morning scare

It was quite frightening for me when we realised Kristine opened the bottle of pills and took one. She was squirming and also feeling uncomfortable. So, I quickly dragged up to the sink and tried to force her to vomit out the contents of her stomach. It was painful to do because she was crying and worst of all, she does not understand what was happening.

Because if she took THE pill, she could collapse there and then. Luckily, everyone else searched the whole floor and table and realised she only took the Vitamin-C pill which was quite sour. Phew