Bad Mojo and My Naivetivity

Sometimes its so frustrating to attend an appointment only to be told its either cancelled, postponed or even something worse.

It happened to me today, when I was in TPM's Enterprise 4 Building. Our appointment was made days earlier and today was the day. So, by the time I arrived, I was told by the customer that the floorplan is not ready as the designer was out with a client and won't be able to send/fax her the latest floorplan until 3PM. Going out for lunch was of no fun either since I got lost in that stupid building everytime I came in/out and Will was not available as well.

Not wasting any time, I asked her what is there for me to do to bide the time. (Since I had 4 hours to kill). Short to say, by the time I have finished the task, the floorplan was still nowhere in sight. Now, the ID (Interior Designer) said it would be ready by 5PM, which is a bit too late. So, after waiting for almost 5 hours, my job was left hanging.

So, the customer requested that I return on Saturday, which is much better since their staff are not working and no one would disturb me which I agreed. And on the way out, I bumped into an Ex-Colleague.

We had a small drink nearby and after some discussions, I found out further that another of my ex-colleague which I hold high regards was not as whom he turned out to be. I was sad because while we were working together, I tried to help him. A lot.

Then again, its hard for me to be a good judge of characters as I always end up defending for the wrong person. Sigh. By the time we finished, the drink tasted so bitter.