Little Ms. Engineer (Update VII)

Its past midnight now, and I was curteously advised by the Nurses to get lost since there are no available beds for nervous hasbands and the Visitor's Room has been locked for the night. There is no change in her contractions which are about 5 minutes apart and by the time I left her, its getting stronger and she can't really sleep with all these, what with the Nurses checking on her every hour too.

Because of my Gout, she had to rub my hand every now and then (except during contractions where her rubbing is stronger). So, both of us were moaning in pain inside the room, and mine was louder. I think the Nurses outside thought I was trying to experience the pain with her.

We did receive a few happening calls, (where everyone asked what happened). It was very painful for her to experience contractions whe whole day long while the baby is taking her own sweet time playing the Diva.

Anyway, this morning, she was given some painkillers (so did I) and was vomiting after breakfast. And she did mention last night that the Doctor is going to give her some medication to speed up her contractions today.