Richard's Open House 2011

To tell you the truth, I was supposed to go to Richard's house years ago. This was because years ago, he invited and every time I tried to go there, I got confused and lost my way despite my knowing that area like the back of my foot. Anyhow, with the miracle of GPS unplugged, I finally found Richard's secret hiding place. And by stroke of luck, the Condominium Security actually found an extra parking bay for Vee-Chai.

Despite the threat of the bouncing tennis balls,
it is better to take some extra precaution and
so, this is the time to break Vee-Chai's new
anti-bouncing ball feature. Not, its not for them
but to restrain Vee-Chai from running over them.

Richard was busy making drinks for
everyone. And after carefully going
through his menu, I opted for a cup
of delicious ice blended cappucino,
sponsored by The Outpost

Peter admiring Richard's Guard Dog which
hast multiple openings and a very nasty
growl to boot. I was very tempted to open
the thing and retro-fit in some movement
detector and a RF remote controller inside.

Some of his collections which he amassed. See that
Enterprise on the right, its going to be mine
Richard has an extra one at the The Outpost
and I will
be using it for the upcoming Workshop. That
is, if I can walk
my talk.

Some very delicious Vietnam thingy which
unfortunately, has some hidden dangers.

And so, I did what I could: Left if for others

More of Richard's stuff which Peter
was very interested in. I think, in
the future, he is going to charge for
Admission Fee just to come in...

The Book of Blasphemy
(To the True and Brave 501st, of course)

Nice diary, wonder if we made them...

Then this Borg Cube came up. I am not sure how, but it
got my attention when Richard asked, "You meant it
has lights and sound? We just put it there on the shelf
for years..." Once he said that, I had to quickly
open it up because of one thing I was afraid of.
So, I showed him to dismantle the whole toy...

Yep, it was switched on for too long and the batteries
Which is bad news as you can see from this
picture. And this is the worst I have ever seen.

It was so bad that even the batteries deteriorated.
The amount of gunk you saw in this picture is nothing
compared to what I had when I opened it up later in
my own room.

In the meantime, richard is busy
again. He's peeling potatoes for
another round of rosti. Yay!

There you go again. Proof that the Enterprise
run on Gas on not Dilitium Crystals. See the
gas tank cover lid on the side? Ha ha ha ha!

Yes, you guessed right. We're all going nuts watching
his Blu-Ray copy of the 2009 Star Trek and we went
over the Enterprise again and again. Boy, I missed a
lot of lighting details as the Red/Green light were
actually there. even the nacelles have the strobes
but they're very very small. We've been doing this
for hours and hours.

Finally, we all got to eat Richard's rosti. And as a present,
I got a very nice Monsters and Aliens T-shirt to bring home
apart from the spoilt Borg cube, of course.

The budding artist

While waiting for Kristine to finish her class, I gave Kaelynn a pen and let her have free reign on my Notepad. And its amazing seeing the things she drew...

For one, she 'copied' Kristine's style when it comes
to drawing girls. The boys, well, I think this is her
own style. Very clunky and big. Either that or I
think that's me.

Then there is the house drawing. I did not ask her
why there are so many windows. Maybe I can go
and ask a child psychologist on this but then, it
costs money.

Or maybe I should. Notice the Sun on the second
picture and compare it with the first. What a stark


She said this is a book.

And these are Aliens.

Then we started to go into letters and

Where I showed her some '9's within '9's and got
her to count the number of '9's in there. See the
small ones at the bottom of the drawing?

We're trying to outdo each other in
writing the smallest '9's with the pen

Just in case you're curious, there are 7 '9's