So, being outstation, it is now a habit for me to seek out small shops selling toys whenever I can. And so, I spotted more Chinese made guns. For RM10.00, it was quite expensive because in Kuantan, the toy gun I had was bigger, had more electronic lights & sound and with a laser pointer too. But anyway, since I was here....... heh heh heh.
Anyway, the reason why I got these guns were the fact that the laser module that comes with the toy is not properly secured. I can just open the black enclosure and take out the module. This was much easier than cutting open those stupid metallic casings and damaging the laser module in the process. The fact that the Chinese has been able to put these into toys (and disregarding eye safety) means the module is quite cheap. Now, I just hope that the green laser would follow the same way in a few years time.

I got this trinket for Kristine for RM5.90. Its solar power, which I think
is the same technology as my Casio's Pro Trek. You just expose the thing
to some bright light (or just sunlight) and the clear solar cell would start to
produce enough power for the LCD to blink on and off. Amazing.

This is the RM10.00 gun. The pellets are carp and its going straight
to the bun anyway.

See? I just uncrew the front cap and out pops the laser module.

Going to Langkawi

OK, this is going to be one trip which I will try to forget (Ha ha). Heck, I don't even know where to start, so I'll just write it in chronological order.

25102007 1930
Rushed back from work. Set phone alarm to go off at 2230 and went straight to bed

25102007 2225
Kristine and Kaelynn jumped about on the bed, woke me up. Set phone alarm to 2330

25102007 2315
Wife called from Nilai, away on a course. Let her speak with Kristine. Set phone alarm to 0030.

26102007 0001
Kristine still not sleeping so my Mom dealt with her. Set phone alarm to.... ah, forget it. Went for a shower and ate dinner. Watched Astro's conclusion on “From Dusk till Dawn” starring George Clooney and Tarantino. What the fuck, it was heavily censored. Must get DVD as haven't even seen the beginning. Continued with Discovery Channel about Explosive orces (I.e. Bombs)

26102007 0240
Packed my stuff and drove to Boss's rendezvous point. Boss used his 4x4 and we started the journey. Halfway after Penang, I became the driver.

26102007 0835
Reached Kuala Kedah jetty. Boss bought tickets for 0930 ferry. Arranged our stuff, had some light breakfast consisting noodles and ice coffee.

26102007 1006
Ferry was packed. No aircon. Very bad waves. Feeling nauseous. Shouldn't have eaten breakfast......

26102007 1112
Arrived at jetty and took taxi to customer's place. Completed the work and also made sure the problem does not happen again. Did extra repair work (not in our job scope) to solve another of their problems.

26102007 1350
Bought tickets for 1430 ferry. Went looksee at the Duty Free. Realised the prices are a rip-off. RM149 for a 1Gb microSD when I got mine for RM79 (if I went to, it could be much cheaper). Stopped ogling at the Nokia 5700 and took more photos. Since we're still early, I decided to leave my stuff on the seat and took more photos. Realised it was not my seasickness but the jetty is actually floating about. Came back in, a fat man took my seat and the seat next to him was available only for anorexics. Instead of arguing, went to the back only to be cornered by three fat men.

26102007 1630
About to drive to Alor Setar customer when lady driver parked next to us and scratched her own car. Finished our job and left for KL by 2030.

26102007 2150
Stopped by Bkt Tambun for dinner. Total cost for some Tofu soup, 2 plates of fried squid and one plate of la-la, accompanied with four plates of rice (we did not eat lunch) and chinese tea: RM27.50

26102007 2213
After nice dinner, fell asleep while Boss drove. He will wake me up when he is tired but he never did. Driving his 4x4 is awesome, man. Reached Petaling Jaya by 0132. Transferred my stuff to the van and drove home with volume up on Enigma's Mea Culpa and keep rewinding on The Fray's Look after you (dem sad when played on the ending of Ghost Whisperer's episode, Deja Boo. Made the song more emotional for me)

26102007 0215
Reached home. Took more photos and prepared this blog to upload.

26102007 0430
Can't sleep. Shouldn't have drank the Chinese Tea. I always forget this fact.

26102007 0511
Still can't sleep.

26102007 0628
Body's internal alarm woke me up before phone alarm. Too tired. Set phone alarm to 0730

26102007 0901
Shit. Late for work.....

[1] This was taken at three in the morning. I wanted to take a picture of myself lying on the road but it was wet with rain.
[2] The breakfast that helped with my seasickness. But the soup was great. For just RM3.00, it was garlic soup.
[3] Little boy in front playing with the Nokia 5300. The more I look at it, the more I wanted a Nokia 5700 or a Sony Ericsson 850i. But nah, I still cannot see any reason for changing my Sony Ericsson T630 yet. By if I can find them second hand.....
[4] We went all the way just for this. Later on, to make our trip more meaningful, we did some system programming, looked into their alarm sensor problem (even though it was out of our job scope) and re-established customer relations.
[5] This is one car you do not see outside Langkawi. Yet. Wanted to go for a test drive but the rain dampened our moods. OK, but because I did not have the guts to go ask the Salesperson.

[1] This is a Disney Smarties sweet dispenser. What the hell were the toy designer thinking?
[2] An Abandoned project. What a waste
[3] We had to make a detour as the main bridge is under construction/repair/renovation/whatever
[4] Waiting in line for ferry tickets.
[5] Special sign Engerlish people. But read the Malay closely, “Passage for tourists who are not citizens of Langkawi” (maybe my Malay sucks)

[1] These things hold up the floating jetty
[2] OK, so the sky does not look so good. This means choppy water.........
[3] While everyone was boarding in the front.........
[4] Mudfish and crabs
[5] All went well until a lady swerved too close to our 4x4's tough rear bumper. Later, she reversed and re-parked her car and the result was that the car came even closer.....

[1] See the deep scratches? The one near the door, I think she had damaged it before.
[2] In English, it is the Family Kitchen Restaurant. Now pronounce the three letter word....
[3] Took this under low light conditions by resting the camera on my Boss's 4x4 AFTER he stopped shaking the car (to make sure there are enough space for more fuel)
[4] The belacan sauce on the top right was very fresh, my Boss said. I did not care until I dipped the deep fried squid. Boy, it was delicious!
[5] No crab this time was we're running out of time. Later on, we order a second plate of deep fried squid and extra rice. Oh, yeah, I finished the whole plate of garlic too. Ha ha ha ha ha
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