The Tough Toshiba Telephone

I did a post about this phone months ago (can't find it now) where the customer's Office was on fire. We were not allowed into the site as the Firemen has sealed the place off. I was interested to get the phone and see if it still works......

Fast forward to 2006, I visited the customer again, and she was happy to take it off her hands. So, once I got it, I was so happy. After plugging the phone into my test system, it still works, except for a few buttons which I might need to have it repaired.

The whole table was on fire, even the Notebook was not spared and this phone survived. That's proof how good Toshiba Phones are. Heh Heh.

Most of the plastics were melted

The buttons have gone out of shape

Like chocolates melting on a hot pan

But the LCD Display still works

This is not plastic wrapper but the transparent cover

Even the handset is mishapen

But it still works!
(OK, except for a few buttons)

My latest Mobile Phone

Well, the other Nokia 6110 has bitten the dust. It has been dropped, drowned and de-powered. It is my company's mobile phone which I am supposed to take good care of it. (I swear, I did my best, OK.)

So, my Boss got me a new one, which is small and shaped like those Samsung sliders. The purpose, he claims, is for me to be more careful with it. So far, the only complain is that the handsfree volume is quite soft and also there is no data transfer cable so I cannot test how good the 1.3MP camera is.

Yeah, I was addicted to one of their games, Polygon Pursuit which really drained the batteries. Then again, it lasts about one day any way. Just like the Proton Waja's Fuel gauge, once the battery reaches a certain level, the phone shuts off.

AWG - Advanced Wireless Group
And I am not sure what model it is 528 something