Proof that Tony Star has a Heart

Sorry, guys and gals, this post is for RPF members only. This is an idea of constructing a Heart. As the idea came to me a few days ago, and rather than wait for a scanner, I quickly jot it down on my own book if ideas (Ha ha, Marvel) and took pictures of it.

The idea is to construct version 2 of the heart complete with
the wires. It would be the same wires seen in the movie when
Pepper Potts helped Tony Stark with his Heart Transplant. I
hope it would be a four core cable as they would be needed to
switch controls between the stand's power supply and within
the heart's own rechargable batteries. On other words, when
it is plugged to the stand, it uses the power from the mains or
wall adaptor while at the same time charges the rechargable
batteries inside the Heart. When you unplug it, the relay switch
over to the rechargable batteries. It could also be used to
signal the Heart glow on and off via a wireless remote.

A closer look at the sketch where the idea is to utilise the metal
construct of the Heart as the heatsink to the 5Watt Luxeon LED.
With PWM circuit to drive the LED, it is not (hopefully) that warm
and also the PWM is ideal to make the glowing effect. Here, the
sletch shows a side view to what I think, a diffused lens and a
parabolic reflector could be used to make the Heart brighter.