But, I'm just the Photographer...

It was a surprise that the Office people asked me to attend the Annual Dinner Committee... er, dinner. But deep inside, I did not feel I deserved it because, well, I was not the 'Official' cameraman. Also, because I have sent my Nikon D50 for repair months ago, it still has not returned back to me, "Ok the flooding in Japan has delayed the spare part...".

Anyway, when they asked me to take some photos, I agreed but deep in my mind, in the whole Department, I am being a nosey-parker again. Ah, fuck this. I don't care what they say as I have made up my mind to take photos on that night. And on that night, there was so much going on and I was more worried about my Nokia n8 running out of battery since I took a lot of videos too to the point I was videoing (Nokia n8) and photographng (Office PnS) at the same time.

But surprisingly, there were no repercussions on the days after except from one source which I did not expect. "Come for the Dinner" they said. And so, I agreed. Anything just to release the grimness in my customer problems.

And so, the dinner is the Buffet in Hilton. And it was almost a decade since my last time there.

It was not easy to take this Panoramic shot in the low light. This was the fifth attempt.

One thing I noticed is that my buffet 'collection' reflects my thinking...

..whereas Adam, my friend was more artistically orgamised.

Finally, after making much small talks and stopping enough not to make a fool of myself, I was attracted to this 3D-like painting.
You know, the next time anyone asks me to do this, I think I have to ask in return, "Do we have to eat dinner after the Dinner?"