The girls during the weekend III

After dinner, the girls found my pair of socks which I wear to work. Instead of leaving it alone, they decided that it looks like a pair of long gloves.....

Kaelynn found the idea first and played with it

And she had a wonderful time, acting like a rocking rap star. (huh?)

Both girls with MY socks and their favourite items

The last photo ever taken for the night.......
(Our very own Girl in Black)

The girls during the weekend II

Soon, her sister, Kaelynn joined in the fun after their afternoon nap. At first, unsure of the pose they wanted, both girls though of being in a sad mood. After convincing them otherwise, the girl's mood lightened up.

This was their initial pose. I was puzzled
as to why they did this.

Hey, lets do the naked dance again, OK?

You siao, ah? You want Mommy to come at us with the cane again?

See what you did? Mei-mei ran away from your mad schemes.
So, now you have to smile alone.

The girls are back with their expensive glasses!

Best of friends again

The girls during the weekend

With most of the family away, the girls had no one to distur....., er entertain, they decided to keep themselves amused within the room. Moreover, we got each of them a RM19.90 glasses from Tesco. It was a long day because I had to make sure they're in the room while Mommy did her stuff.

Kristine found her wooly hat/socks/tube thingy

Then her long oversized skirt which
she put to use along with her glasses

Then she added her pink hairband

And they're ready to rock!

Unfortunately, this was the last stunt
before Mommy put a stop to all this