The rewards of lunching alone

I was a bit late for lunch today but then again, at the place where I work, these shops do not close for the day, even after three in the afternoon. They cater for three main meals. With so many shops around, just one or two closing does not really matter because they're literally next to each other.

Anyway, after my appointment, I decided to have my 'regular' vege lunch. The lady asked me where my friends went because they were not around. This was because most of the colleague in one dept always come here for lunch. I know where they went but I decided to be diplomatic and tactfully replied, "Oh, I guess they are busy with work because one customer is rushing for things."

Nevertheless, she was still happy I came and when I
ordered my usual Kari Kuey Teow, I got a lot of extra
stuff. If I knew that, I would not have ordered the side
dish. You know, "side" "dish"? Get it?

Yeah, there is a lot of liew here

And I love this vege..... thing to bits.

The LED Tealight

Something I missed until I read the Forum. This is a set of 6 tea lights I got from eBay last year. It was for a project that was not meant to be. The reason I got this was because it claimed to give a flickering candle effect. Well, it did until you start to observe it with a closer eye.

Not sure how much it costs now, but it should be cheap.

It just blink four times and repeats again. And again. And again. And..........

There are two versions. One uses a RGB LED
with built in flicker circuit. It is bad because
no candle would give out red, green and blue
flame in a very weird sequence. The second
version, was the one I got and you can see
from the picture above.

You need to put this in a diffused container where
the effect would be greatly amplified.

The candle's 'flame' is actually a white LED with
some silicone or opaque soft plastic as
its cap.

How to choose the right one? Apart from observing the
candle's flicker, you can open it up with a sharp object
(if the shop owner do not mind, that is). Here, in my
version, you can see (L-R) the battery, battery cover ,
switch, microprocessor (black blob on a circuit board)
and the white led on the casing. This is great for those
props which needs a flicker effect. All you have to do
is just replace the battery connector with another 3v
battery system and also the White LED. But if you
need a more realistic flicker, then you might have to
program your own microprocessor chip and circuit.

Green peas

Kristine: Dad, what's this?
Me: Its green peas

Kristine: I don't like it
Me: See those peas? they're like corn

Kristine: I like it!

Kaelynn: I don't like it!
Me: Try it. Its nice
Kaelynn: I don't like it.

Me: OK, you can skip the peas, then

The shark

"This is a shark and it will eat you!"' said
Kristine to her sister, Kaelynn.