The Camera is A-OK!

I have yet to 'enjoy' the LCD Projector (loaned from Loo CK of SFTPMS) but there is one thing I must prepare first. This is because in the Workshop, there will be a section where I will be demonstrating how to solder. And so, in the interest of safety and also not burning ICW down, I decided to use a CCTV camera where the participants can observe the demonstration from afar.

Since I had an old CCTV camera lying around, I decided to connect it to the LCD projector...

This is a very nice CCTV camera. But before I
can use it properly, I would have to change the
lens. And by jove, I do have another lens too!
This was the wrong lens I bought when I was
trying out some CCTV theories (from my own
pocket, of course). And now, its needed here.

First test, the camera is working. This model
does not have those IR LEDs which allows it
to see in the dark. Not that I need it as during
close up, they might compromise the image.

Sometimes, changing the lens is very simple
which involves unscrewing the lens itself. But
in some camera models, you would need a
small screwdriver to untighten a retaining
screw. Its a pain but this screw is important
in CCTV application as it makes sure the
lens are never out of focus when some very
clumsy oaf (like me) fiddles around with it.

After the lens change, I got a much better picture.
In actual fact, I do not need to
change the lens
at all as the original lens
was quite OK. but I just
want to make
sure it can do close-ups. So, this is
close I want it to be and after some focusing.

And this is the distance!

The Workshop PCBs

OK, I finally got the chance to collect the circuit boards today and after some inspection, they look alright (to me, that is). So, the next part is to redo the component list as I missed out the resistor and capacitor values which, the shop could not pack them for me.

And so, the vendor has kindly cut up the circuit boards
for me and they are very
nicely done. If these four
boards (a set)
are to be sold as electronic kits, I don't
think you could buy them at the price I am making.
Yes, these are industrial
grade boards.

Test fit result: All the components fit perfectly
unlike the prototypes weeks ago.

Seaweed Pringles

While I was enjoying my Work (yes, really)today, Kristine called up and told me that Mommy wanted me to get some eggs in the way home. So, I stopped by to get them and on the way, I saw some new Pringles crisps. What the heck, RM3.70 is Ok to me nowadays.

And so, this seaweed flavour is very
Pringles. It tasted more like a Pringles
than seaweed. And it does not even
taste green. And oh, this is how much

crisps it has inside before I took some
for testing. Ahem