Remember this short animation brought to you by MTV years ago? Charlize Theron (Charlie's Angels) is Aeon Flux and I believe its coming soon. Go to their website for more information. But IMHO, looking at the movie stills, Ms. Theron looks a bit too fat compared to her PS2 and animation version.

I first saw this in MTV's Liquid Television in the early 90's and its quite nice. Aeon always die at the end of every episode and she never say much except in one episode which I can never remember. Still, the visuals and ideas are quite refreshing at that time.

The nice Playstation2 game trailer can be "downloaded" here. And they did a wonderful job at it too. Unfortunately, after watching this game trailer, I know for a fact that:

1) The live movie will definitely suck unless they continue with the CGI version.

2) I'll still never be able to get a Playstation 2 or 3.

The Automated Fly Trap-ONLY TYPE IN THE WORLD

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! This is so funny. In case it disappears, you can find it on with the above keywords. It being sold by the member sweecheong123.

I liked the last part of his description:

ps: we have a feedback from a buyer not from we don’t place the electrical conventional device in the dining area anymore due to,

1) when flies are zapped by it, the sound is quite loud and do frighten the customers at time. Especially when more than one fly is zapped at the same time and it is also “like advertising to the whole world that we are flies infested restaurant”.

2) the worst reason is that when flies are zapped, it actually explodes, sending the flies carcasses in bits and its eggs flying all over the place and landing on foodstuff. Now they know why there were some complaints of stomach upset from customers.

What Kind of Intelligence Do You Have?

I got this from Will's Blog and its kinda interesting for a Sunday evening. Ther are others esp. the "How weird are you?" which is pretty weird because the questions were not that weird to begin with.

True or not? Only you can tell.
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