Die Die also dun want

Customer: Here is the problem with the phone
Me: [Looking and trying not to act emotional] Hmmm.....
Me: Your phone is in pieces.
Customer: Yeah, it had an "accident". See what you can do lor
Me: Ok, I'll try to repair it but no promises
Customer: With glue? Ha! Also please hurry as I need the phone

After 2 weeks or so, my colleague phoned the customer and told her the bad news. It was better to get a new phone, even if it was a used phone.

Then today, I got the go-ahead to deliver a new second-hand used cheep cheep replacement phone to her.

Customer: What's this? I did not order a new phone.
Me: Your old one is die already. Repair also no use le
Customer: I told [my colleague] that I don't want it and I'll call if I change my mind
Customer: @$#%#$& -censored-
Me: OK, then I'll go away lor
[Looking at invoice, the price was ridiculously cheap and my colleague did it as a favour to the customer which I doubt they realise it and appreciate the effort]

Customer: And bring back my old phone! Your colleague say can still use
Me: OK, but not today (and hope you like jigsaw puzzles)

Not even glue can fix this

A phone system for them is very important to them due to the nature of their business but because of their mentality of being a Chinese Businessman which loves using the "minimal capital with maximum profit" business model, they assumed a normal single-line phone can replace the more expensive Digital Handset or get another second-hand keyphone system. So, this is the kind of customer which I hate to deal with because everything is cost to them and they will haggle absurdly.

Ha ha. Wait till they try to plug in another phone........