My Fantasy Project - The PADD Update 27.12.05

After I bought the "Glamour Switch" it was on to the next item in my list. The battery for my PADD. The problem is that I do need somekind of a rechargeable power supply which can handle all the electronics yet slim enough to fit into the PADD. The thickness of the PADD is about 11mm, with the front and rear layers taking 3mm each, I have 4 mm to play with.

So, normal batteries are out of the question and so are coin cell types. I did think of using a Mobile Phone battery but they have problems such as thickness and/or insufficient output. While searching, I came across a new battery called Lithium Polymer which does suit my requirement. Unfortunately, this means ordering from Overseas as I have absolute confidence that it is not available here in Malaysia.

And since today is a nice day, I was so glad my theory was proven wrong. Someone has left a battery catalogue on the shelf and after looking at it, they do have the Li-Po I am looking for. Since they do not sell the catalogue nor acknowledge it is theirs, I took down the address of their office and paid them a visit. So, I got one today, but unfortunately, the thinner (2.7mm) LiPo I wanted was not on sale anymore since it is, according to them, slow dischage which is also a slow moving stock (ha ha) and I have to redesign the PADD so that it can accomodate the fatter one. No sense in buying that thin LiPo which they do not bring in anymore. And bummer, they do not have a LiPo charger was well.

After speaking to them, I now have another problem as Li-Pos cannot be charged beyond 4.2 volts and cannot be discharged below 2.5volts. So, this means I have to creat a circuit to monitor the darn thing. There are stories about Lithium (not Lithium Polymer, but you get my drift) batteries in Mobile Phones exploding and now, I am starting to believe in them after seeing this. You can read the full thread here.

Darn! Now I have to source and make more circuits!

The badass Lithium Polymer battery
574490 2,400mAH battery
574490 means 5.7mm height, 44mm width and 90mm long


1) PADD Design - Done
2) Electronics to light up the view area - Sourcing
3) Electronics to control the LEDs - KIV
4) Electronics to control the switching On/Off - KIV
5) Battery issue - Sourcing. Need controlling circuits
6) Redesign of PADD actrylic due to fitting of Electronics - KIV
7) Viewscreen design - KIV
8) Types of spray paints that does no react with the acrylics years from now - KIV
9) The correct colours for the PADD - KIV

If you'd like to have an ultra accurate PADD kit, you can contact Matthew Munson at (You need to remove the "_" from the E-Mail first as these spam bots are nasty). And, if you like to have THE ULTIMATE PADD that has lights and sound, you can give Gerhard Mros a call at and you will not be disappointed.

Just a side note:
At first I thought I could make use of this paper thin technology but then again, I would need more help on creating the displays and also, the Prototype Kits are USD3,000!!!! Still, E-Ink is going to make some news with their first joint venture with Seiko on the latest watch. You can read more from here.

Missile Style Toggle Switch Cover

I am on leave today and tomorrow. What a way to spend my leave by going to my favourite haunt, Pasar Road. Its been weeks since I was last there and I happen to come across one of the shops selling this:

A rocker switch. Yes, its just a switch but since we're so used to watching action movies, this type of switch has been "glamourised" into a very important switch. When the Hero needs to prepare a missile in the jet plane, he flips the switch. Or, there is a need to arm a complex/nulcear bomb, the bad guy flips a switch.

So, it is this switch which unfortunately, suckers like me would also kill for. Its made in Taiwan and it comes in transparent orange, green and blue. No solid red like the ones you see in the Movies. So, I would have to paint it solid red myself.

Unfortunately, once the euphoria has died down and I paid the money, it just dawned on me that I have absolutely no use whatseoever for it in my car, even though Idreamt of installing it for years. Maybe I will use it for a rear horn..........

Woo Hoo!

The tip of the switch las a red LED too