The meeting of John

In case you do not know, almost everyone has met John except for a few including yours truly. You see, John is my Wife's elder sister's boyfriend. And they're coming all the way from Australia to meet the family. As tonight is a Sunday, we decided to go out for Dinner nearby Kee's Palace before going to visit Mom in Law since it was a long time Wife ever did go there.....

I made sure the girls washed their hands
before dinner as they were touching a lot
of things as they go about the shopping

After dinner and meeting John briefly, we decided
to do some light shopping, mainly some greeting
cards for the girls to give to John. This is a nice bed
sheet set, which has a nice discount. Its not that
nice after Wife asked and the RM75.00 was
AFTER the discount. Ouch.

Since Yen Yen is fast asleep and John has gone
out drinking, the girls amused themselves with
Yen Yen's toys.

Kristine feels so natural playing
with the boy toys....

As the night lingered on, they decided
to dig in further into Yen Yen's toy
chest until they got bored and wanted
to go home.

Preparing the Bengmobile

Deep down in the caverns of the Benghouse, Bengman was busy preparing his Bengmobile until BengWife called........

Yuck. That's so moronic.

Anyway, today is Sunday and I am pretty confident that I will be able to get my car up and running again. For the past few weeks, I have been patiently scrubbing the car to remove all the moulds and fungi, thanks to Mr. Muscle. Its not a nice thing because I suspect Mr. Muscle contains chloric acid as I smell a lot of these chlorine/clorox fumes as I cleaning. And stupid me, forgot to open up all the car door and boot which means, by the end of the day, I had sore throat.

Right before I started on the car,
I had to vacuum the house as the
floor was really full of crap, thanks
to the girls. And then the vacuum
bag was full and there'ss no spare.
So I had to empty the bag and, wow,
I can see a lot of rubbish in there
including a child's sock (right)

Kristine decided to help Mommy
mop the floor. I think she wants
to get on her good mood as there
was a lot of grafitti on the wall......

In the meantime, Kaelynn entertained us
with her personal rendition of a single
double fingered tune song.

After not being driven for so long, the car is in a bad shape as not only is it damp and all, its also rusting. From the roof to the bonnet. It has not rusted this bad and I suspect it could be due to the fact I disconnected the battery while it was in storage. And yeah, the battery is dead too and so, I had to fork out RM300 for a NS70 Maintenance free one. And one good thing is, as soon as the battery is in, the car starts up just fine. Except that its idling is around 500rpm which kills the engine a lot.

After scrubbing with Mr. Muscle, I covered the
cleaned surface with those oily and slippery UV
cleaners. Mistake #2: I covered the steering and
the gear knob too....

Finally, time to clear the boot since a Satria can
only store so much stuff.

The next day, which is a Momday, as we had clashing appointments, I let the techs use the van on condition that they drop me to my house so I can use the Bengmobile whether its ready or not. I wanted this opportunity to go for a real test drive because my customer was in Seremban.

Because of the oily stuff, Wife came up
with a solution. And it works! But I
have to clean the gear knob.......

The car is behaving fine and is a breeze to drive!
It still has a lot of torgue and reaching 80 is so
effortless. Since the CD player is not affected by
the fungi, I have some music to keep me from
complaining about the lack of air-con.

At least is don't have this kind of hairstyle
which is unique when I drive the van in
middle of the three months periodic
kiamsiap budget haircut.

All in all, the car is far from being perfect and there are some things I need to take care of:
01) Road Tax expires soon in one week (RM92.00. Done)
02) Air-con to be repaired (RM500.00. Done)
03) Car horn to be replaced
04) Front tires to be replaced as it tend to skid when wet or cornering. Heh.
05) Front dash plastic to be replaced so I can have directed cold air
06) Front spotlights to be replaced
07) New carpeting
08) Repair rear speakers and sound system wiring
09) Go for Engine service as I had to pour in one litre of engine oil
10) Flush the radiator myself
11) Sparkplugs, Etc. ....