Trying out the T630 camera

Ok, I am back from whatever I was suffering from. So, on the way to a distant customer, I decided to try out my Sony Ericsson's T630 camera after finding a few tips from the Internet:

1) The "*#06#" IMEI code that worked on Nokia, also works here.
2) A secret menu can be accessed via "right star left left star left star", Similar to Nokia's Diagnostic mode, which can be activated via Logo Manager and others. Good for knowing your T630's firmware revisions
3) To see if your phone is locked, go "<**<" 4) In the
edit info screen for a contact
if you highlight a number (mobile, home, etc)

and press:
* + 1 = cut
* + 2 = copy
* + 3 = paste
5) The Camera has a "Night Mode" which you can access via pressing the "MORE" option or

press 1 to switch between small/large photo sizes
press 2 to turn night mode on/off
press 3 to *cycle* through the phot effects
press 4 to turn self-timer on/off

A shot of my HP iPaq 4350

Spotted this VW in Bangsar, for sale

Spotted this Audi in Kelana Jaya, nice

The front shot. Too bad My FujiFilm FInepix S5500 was not with me

Alat-alat seni pertahankan diri - "Self-Defense Equipment"
Telephone cards
Taek-Won-Do Uniform
Taek-Won-Do Equipment
Photostat copy
Parking tickets
Rubber stamp
Printing cards
Comb binding

This metallic worm was "satisfied"

Caught this guard, guarding his newspaper. Had to brighten up the shot

Highway at Dusk

Steering and shooting

A Night Mode shot at the LDP/TTDI traffic lights

Another Night Mode shot at the TTDI Pizza Hut traffic light

Same shot in normal mode.

Is it the Weather?

Maybe its coincidental but for the past few days, its very tiring for me. With Kristine waking us up, and also in the mornings since my Wife started work again, I had to make sure Kristine is cared for since this was also the time she needs to be fed.

My job entails going to customers sites to service, install ot even relocate PBX systems. This means I have to carry and move a lot of stock, tools and even a ladder in my Satria. Moreover, with the Chinese New Year over, there are a lot of jobs from our customers. Since I am the only person to handle all this, naturally, I am quite tired. Both mentally and physically. (That is why some of you complained my bogs have no sense of weird humour anymore). At one time, I even had to stay up until 11PM to complete a wiring job, where in the end, I was so tired, I began to see double and also having a slight heavy head. With the Haze (ref title above) goind around, its hot, humid and unbearable. So, at the end of the day, I ended up dehydrated and mentally gone.

Today was the worst because my mind went blank. Yep, for the first time, I cannot think of any solution. Calling my colleague was of no help either.

The Signs I
How did I know? Because I was quite fast on the fingers on phone programming, so, when I thought of a solution, my mind instantly knows the programs and then by reflex, my fingers would key in the commands. So,today, it took me almost 30 seconds to think of a solution and my fingers are keying in the same command over and over again. And I was standing there, as if I was a third person looking at the fingers moving about the keypad.

The Signs II
The second sign was when I tried to call my colleague fo rhelp, using one of the extensions which has been restricted from calling Mobile Phones. I was trying to call and call, despite the engaged tone (which means it is barred). So, I kept on unlocking it over and over again, to no avail until I looked back at the floor plan only to realise I have been programming the wrong extension. And then when I got through, due to the bad reception and high background noise on his phone, I had to repeat myself repeatedly. I could not hear much of his replies as my mind kept shutting off, except "Don't tell me this now...". That's when I lost it.

Unable to contain my panic, I called another colleague, told him I need a break and maybe get away from the job. If I come in on Monday, then I come in. If not, then lets forget it. So, after finishing with the customer, I switched off my mobile phone, went home and slept for a long long time.

And I am having my brunch now. No, not the cake but leftover lunch from this afternoon

Oh no! More cakes! I can't take this anymore! Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

Proton Perks

Well, what do you think?
I have "Cut & Paste" this posting from a Forum, so please excuse the grammar and spelling.
How many of you have had this problem (from the list) with your Protons? I have 10. Seriously, for the past 2 years, after Proton's failure with the Waja (new car, worse QC), when the Gen-2 came out, no one was excited anymore. A lot of people have lost hope with Proton, which many saw it missed so many opportunities if it had actually did something about it.

So, where else did they turn to? Toyota VIOS, Avanza and tHonday CITY, of course.

1. very famous power window problem

2. 'cricket' noises at the back
3. Poor and unprofessional after-sale service
4. rust 'pimples' & 'acne' growing on bodywork, without treatment will
gradually become 'bullet holes'
5. air conditioning go bust
6. aquarium in headlamp/tail-lamp
7. seats stink after a few years (i'm serious)
8. plastic parts tend to fall apart
9. the seat pvc covers burst at their seams (seems to be just stapled)
10. bumper fall off after soft thud
11. car suspension failure
12. very high fuel consumption for certain models (Wira 1.5GL)
13. no safety features
14. low factor of safety
15. Change Gearbox every 80k of millage ( 1.6 A Wira )
16. Keeping flowerhorn in the boot(waja).
17. Repainting the wing mirror (waja).
18. Broken door handles (waja)
19. Wira passenger glove compartment does not fit properly to dashboard
since day one
20. Still making Wira since 1993.
21. Still using 3 speed auto gearbox in 1.5GL
22. Still making Saga aka Iswara since 1985.
23. dashboard fitting still poor after 20 years in business
24. always flooded the boot area (1.5 Wira Sedan)
25. no security door brackets for Wira (even though it's known problem)
26. always giving stupid excuses when we send our proton to SC: Proton
memang macam ini lah, i pun tak dapat buat apa !!
27. always claiming that their products is da best ever, never try to
improve in terms of technology, quality and services.
28. is the first who think of "KOSONG" version of their products. i.e.
Iswara Kosong ver, 1.3 Wira "Kosong" ver. and etc
29. always claim that non-genuine spare parts kills, while their "genuine
spare parts" sucks !
30. Costlier Price = Poorer Quality = sold in M'sia, Cheaper Price =
Quality = sold OUT of M'sia.
31. Frequent engine die off during driving (Wira 1.3/1.5 2000 onwards.)
32. Meters (speed, temperature, fuel, rpm) will KONG within 2 years.
33. The boot edge didn't allign properly with the bacl lamp (for Wira
34. Old tech gear box with 3 speed. (Wira 1.5A)
35. Gearknob 'leather' start peeling off and sticking to ur palms within
first year
36. Glove bos fall off during driving (Waja) too short to lock on dash
holder (ISWARA also)
37. Has to change the glove box handle (if lucky once a year).. (wa
38. Lemon models such a Tiara and Waja 1.8. Even own mechanics dunno how
to repair.
39. New Wira/Iswara quality worse then ever, probably due to using same
mould for body part since 1993...tolerances all out...hence unsightly
40. Seat fabric tear so easyily compared to older models.
41. Door lock can brake into 2..inside the car. my 40 year old classic
car still using original!!!
42. Simply change to Siemen ECU.....without knowign bad or good.
43. useless and expensive front signal, next to headlamp....just glued
together....water enters faster than you install. parts from potong
can ;ast longer and gives more confidence.
44. front brake for wira jam easily.
45. Headlamp cable loose (Waja)
46. Noisy sound from aircon blower (Waja)
47. Engine mounting kong after 4 month (Waja)
48. Reverse sensor forever beeps even if there's nothing behind.
49. Shitty (Shittiest) car theft protection i've ever had, Auto Gear lock
with flacid-type key (the key thats softer than a limp DD) will break
after 3 times usage... cost to replace is almost RM30-50 (Wira 1.5GL and
certainly other models)

A tiring day

Yep, damn tired today. I was worried last night because Kristine had a slight fever. So, I took her reading with the digital thermometer, the one which you stick into their ears.

1st reading: 37.3ºC (on that night)
2nd reading: 37.1ºC (after she slept)
3rd reading: 36.8ºC (early morning)
4th reading: 36.4ºC (about 8am)
5th reading: 36.3ºC (1230om)

You know, if I take anymore readings, the temperature might go down further..........

Kristine in the morning after I took her temperature

Working late
My last customer was in KL, in Jalan Raja Laut. It was a late job, I tell you. We waited from 5 to 7PM, because the customer was still using the phones. So, I labelled all the wires and did what I can. By the time we finished at 11PM, (customer wants to go home too), I was so tired that I couldn't even focus clearly as I was using all my concentration to locate and separate the wires which looked more like spaghetti. And I still have to drive back..............

The next morning, this was my breakfast. I couldn't find the strawberry

But there is an indentation of where it was supposed to be.
The cake tasted like pandan sponge with raspberry jam and coconut (purple) flakes

After eating halfway, it was there, upside down, suqashed for the second time...

The Orange cake? Its a sponge too. Have yet to taste it .......

Since I parked the car there the whole night, I got a lot of good luck
See the one near the door, I think one of the birds have diorrhea

Pasar Malam

After spending a hour with a friend at Month Kiara, she introduced a 5-speaker wireless sound system with DVD player thrown in for a very irresistible price. I was tempted but I have to wait if the DVD player has any region lock or not. But running at 2.4GHz, (DECT, Bluetooth, etc) I suspect there would be some interference but at that price, I didn't care. So, must get my wife's apporval first..........

Yep, after being married, you're not only responsible for your own life, but for two, three or more. So, I cannot just spend money like when I was still single. Still, one of my favourite past time was to go to Night Markets (or Pasar Malam) after work, when my ex-company's old office was still nearby.

Its been months since I went to Pasar Malam. So, this evening, I decided to drop by at SS2 and also to check on the status of my Phone.

Me: This cake how much?
She: Anam ringgit, lapan puluh. (RM 6.80)
Me: This one?
She: Anam ringgit, lapan puluh. (RM 6.80)
***Checks for Durian, Wasabi or Orange sponge cakes but finding none***
Me: Ok, I take this one and this one.

*** Girl takes out the silver paper and folded them into boxes, then she gingerly puts the cakes into the boxes as if they were fragile. Without mising a heartbeat, she closed the cover and squashed the cakes ***


and my phone is still not ready

The two cakes. The banana/chocolate was taken by some fierce old lady groupies with walking sticks

This looks delicious
(except the poor strawberry and orange were a bit stressed)

Er, on second thought, it looked as if the chef used tissue confetti.....
(Here is another strawberry trying to hide itself..... strawberry fields forever... la.. la.. la..)

I bought two boxes, one with the vege and the other with prawn. Take my word, stay off the vege unless you feel like a cow. They're oily, squishy and delicious. But I can't help thinking I am eating hamsters.

Eat and be merry
For tomorrow, we toilet
Or I can sell them to some girls for target practice (Chap Goh Mei)

Weird Dreams II

.... so, there were these two sisters, who seem to have bitter rivalry. One good, the other, ..... not so good. The good sister had a daughter who is deaf & dumb. Earlier on, these two sisters had some kind of dare, which the result was that the good sister got to meet Donald Trump at an autograph session and her daughter got a huge cheque from him. So, the bad sister, (who looked like Amanda from America's Tops Model, except she was a bit more plump and angry) was upset, which meant she lost the dare. After the show, she confronted her younger good sister and the next thing I know, the news headlines were:

"Donald Trump cancels cheque and reissues another"

Apparently, after the tiff, the older sister ran off with the cheque and before she can use it, it was cancelled and she was arrested. Meanwhile, the good sister's daughter used the cheque to some charity.

And I was watching this on TV while waiting for my sister who is supposed to join the whole family in a restaurant in the middle of nowhere (looked more like a rest-stop for truckers doing a de-forestation job). While I was about to go search for her, using my Dad's 240 Volvo (which the night before, I had problem racing with some 1980's Mercedes at 100kmh) my Dad called from the restaurant...........

And then I woke up. And I still can't find the message in the Dream

Handsfree Stupidity

"..pressing the answer button on a hands-free kit to receive a call is an offence.."

Under the law, the moment a driver moves his limbs to do something other than controlling the vehicle, the driver is deemed not to have proper control of the vehicle.

In other words, you are required to have a handsfree kit for your mobile phone (if you want to use it, of course) when you're in the car. The moment you answer a call, you would have already committed an offense. Unless, your phone can be programmed to answer automatically when the handsfree kit is plugged in.

But then, Whoa! All those moronic Tele Marketing people manning the Call Centres would have a field day. Because you can't disconnect them and accident rates would go up because drivers would do anything to shut these SOBs up.

This is so stupid. I could be commiting an offense when I wind down the window to pay tribute to the Government at the Toll Plazas.
Or how about when I need to shift/change gears?
Or when I need to dig my nose?
How about digging my ear for wax?

Here's the story in full, courtesy of I just can't wait for him to re-issue his statements a few days later, if there is one.

Customer Service

I had a nice surprise today, from Angie in SS2 (Tele Networks @ 03-78759798) who said that my Sony Ericsson T630 can have its firmware upgraded to the latest revision, which means I can change the ringtones for my SMS! I was so excited that I forgot to backup all my phonebook the day before (OK, I should have done this last week) so I had to transfer the most important numbers I can think of, to my iPaq via BlueTooth. Ha ha ha ha. But still, this is very good of Angie as she really kept her word that she would call me after checking with Sony Ericsson a few days ago. Try buying stuff from other people and you'd know firsthand the meaning of broken/forgotten promises. Try Angie and you will not be disappointed.

The Con side? My phone would only be ready next week Tuesday and Angie was unable to get me a loaner (Mobile Phone) as one of her customer lost it.

Still, this is very good customer service, because it made you feel important. And as I was driving away, I noticed that my car has clocked 190,000Km and I have missed my timing belt and engine oil change. Haih

Car Park Menace

Today, I was at Jalan Raja Laut, at the infamous open-air car park behind the Coliseum Cafe. And yes, these annoying people are still plying their trades there. What they do is very simple:

1) They wait for you to park you car or go to your car.
2) Then they come over, take out a spray can and start spraying it on your car.
3) Before you can do anything, they will start "polishing" and show you how good that spray is
4) So, you have to buy them
5) If you do not, pray to God that nothing happens to your car (well, usually nothing happens)

So, while they're doing this, I was reluctant to go to my car. So, I walked around a bit and pretended to talk on my Mobile Phone while I was actually taking snapshots. The photos also prove one thing: The camera on my Sony Ericsson T630 is crap. Some shots had their brightness adjusted.

This guy was demoing to the 4x4 and used my car as demo material. The bastard!

While waiting for their victim, this guy decided to do a good job to impress the car owner. In this case, they would have no choice but to buy those crap stuff.

There was nearly a big argument here because the gentlemen rudely pushed him off

And here is how they contribute to the environment

You can't see it clearly, but this shot shows the guy in black was walking very fast towards another victim

The car park people did not bother to get rid of these bastards. And they had a SOGO sign outside

This their car. And they just parked inside the parking lot. No wonder the car park people did not bother them

Another shot of the Kancil being worked on

Loads of crap stuff in their boot.

Weird Dreams

I just had a very strange dream this morning while lying comatose on bed.

I am a specialist sent to troubleshoot a problem. One of the rogue cloned soldiers has grafted his mate's head into another soldier's body. The problem was, each clone soldier was created to exist in a specific phase/reality. By combining a head and another body, the new soldier now exists in two different phase/reality. And therefore, able to kill a lot more innocent people.

I still cannot understand what it was all about.

The dream the day before was ever better. At the back of our house, was a well/swimming pool. Everytime I go there, I would dive down and swim with Dolphins in the dark. I woke up feeling nostalgic and sad.

KFC O.R. Burger

When I was small (even right now), there was always one thing I would do when I was eating at KFC (Kentucky fried Chicken). I would peel off the crispy chicken skin, take the top off the bun, put it in and then add in some coleslaw folowed by the tomato/chili sauce and cover it back. Voila! a Crispy chicken sandwich.

Unfortunately, after more than two decades, some nut also had the same bright idea and it now, its called the OR Burger, selling for MR3.30. Which, in my case, is a load of crap.

Oh, look! The burger is huge! (For a Liliputian) After being made to wait for 10 agonsing minutes, the burger came, and fell to pieces when I opened the paper. The Wedgies were soggy too.

For years, KFC has tried to come up with various new ideas for their chicken menus which has received mixed responses. For example:

1) Hot & Spicy
(Took a long time for everyone to accept it. Big, crispy and full of oil. Unlike the Oiginal Recipe, you cannot put this in the fridge and eat it later. It would taste like lard. Best to warm up under the oven.)

2) Hot Thai Chili Sauce
(Now, this is wonderful. Love that garlic)

3) Popcorn Chicken
(This is great finger food. Unfortunately, you can't identify which part of the chicken it came from)

4) Tom Yam Chicken
(This is crap. Even eating shit was better)

5) Shake Popcorn
(It just more flavouring, mostly leftover from the failed Tom Yam chicken or experimental Maggi Mee flavourings, sprinkled onto the Popcorn chicken. If you shake it too much, all you got would be a deformed paper cup)

6) OR Burger
(Please avoid this. I know the one of the poster looked good)

5) Garden Salad
(I am not even going to try this)

And because my OR Burger was not classified as a chicken meal, I could not buy that Puteri Gunung Ledang for RM9.90. Then again, this was the extravagant RM16million ringgit movie which was beaten by a low budget one (I forgot which) and then reduced to Rm19.90 VCD 2 months later. And to add salt to the injury, they're asking us to buy the original because it cantained special scenes. Right. Uncle Ho must be laughing agian.


Yes! Kristine has my music taste! She was quite restless today as Mommy had to start work. So, by the time we came back, Kristine refused to sleep. However, the moment I put on Yanni's In the Mirror, in less than 25 seconds, Kristine dozed off. Whoooooooooo Hooooooooooooo!!!!!!!


I got myself a Vanilla Horlicks and a Reflexology In-Sole today, while collecting my MacFarlane Robocop and a few more HotWheels cars. Heh.

Ok, I had a bad watery stomach ache and slept like a log from 8PM to 6AM. So, what you're looking at is my dinner/breakfast. The Vanilla Horlicks tasted like, well, as if some put vanilla flavour into the Horlicks. The Rice? Its Yee Sang and leftover rice.

The Reflexology In-Sole. OK, I was attracted to the transparent plastic.

Look at all those torturous bumps.

After walking a few Kilometres today, I think I have problems in stomach, liver, shoulder, secondary nasal cavity, pancreas. I;m a very sick person, Oh my. But seriously, waling around with that sole was torturing.

When you want to take them off in the middle of the street, think of the funny instructons

Lion Dance

This morning, we had to come in early and prepare for the Lion Dance. They're from a school which I have never heard before. The "experts" are rare and they're much much more expensive.

Hoo boy! We're gonna have a lot of fun!!!

The Lion Dance crew preparing for the event

Here they come! Into the main reception area.

The Big Big Boss

The Not so Big Big Boss

That's me (but the temporary cameraman screwed up)

The very dedicated percussion expert

No, this is not Iwo Jima. They're getting ready for the exciting part.........

Stop looking at me!

Yes, we're all Vegetarians

Dance of the Fireworks

After 30 minutes of fun, its all over.