Pasar Malam

After spending a hour with a friend at Month Kiara, she introduced a 5-speaker wireless sound system with DVD player thrown in for a very irresistible price. I was tempted but I have to wait if the DVD player has any region lock or not. But running at 2.4GHz, (DECT, Bluetooth, etc) I suspect there would be some interference but at that price, I didn't care. So, must get my wife's apporval first..........

Yep, after being married, you're not only responsible for your own life, but for two, three or more. So, I cannot just spend money like when I was still single. Still, one of my favourite past time was to go to Night Markets (or Pasar Malam) after work, when my ex-company's old office was still nearby.

Its been months since I went to Pasar Malam. So, this evening, I decided to drop by at SS2 and also to check on the status of my Phone.

Me: This cake how much?
She: Anam ringgit, lapan puluh. (RM 6.80)
Me: This one?
She: Anam ringgit, lapan puluh. (RM 6.80)
***Checks for Durian, Wasabi or Orange sponge cakes but finding none***
Me: Ok, I take this one and this one.

*** Girl takes out the silver paper and folded them into boxes, then she gingerly puts the cakes into the boxes as if they were fragile. Without mising a heartbeat, she closed the cover and squashed the cakes ***


and my phone is still not ready

The two cakes. The banana/chocolate was taken by some fierce old lady groupies with walking sticks

This looks delicious
(except the poor strawberry and orange were a bit stressed)

Er, on second thought, it looked as if the chef used tissue confetti.....
(Here is another strawberry trying to hide itself..... strawberry fields forever... la.. la.. la..)

I bought two boxes, one with the vege and the other with prawn. Take my word, stay off the vege unless you feel like a cow. They're oily, squishy and delicious. But I can't help thinking I am eating hamsters.

Eat and be merry
For tomorrow, we toilet
Or I can sell them to some girls for target practice (Chap Goh Mei)

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