System Upgrade @ Penang

So, after arriving in Penang last night, we started work today. If it wasn't for the jam at the Penang Bridge yesterday, we could have off-loaded all the equipment at our customer's Office and I would have slept better instead of worrying about car break-ins.

Anyway, the job is to upgrade the system to increase its capacity (and more phones). Unfortunately, halfway through the task, the cable guys who cut off the Credit Card lines forgot one tiny fact that no one knows which numbers are for the credit cards. This would mean we have to stay another night in Penang so that the girl (one of the staff who did not answer her modile phone) can help us out on Tuesday morning. Haih.

One more night in Penang.
One more night

I miss my baby
I miss my Wife

Open the small door and follow the white rabbit.....

And under there, you will see the system

Me: What is this?
Me: Got potatoes, ah?
MM: We don't do potatoes
Me: What is this? Look slike potatoes
MM: Its Sotong (bla bla bla) eggs
Me: Oh, Uh, OK I'll take this vege instead
MM: OK, I give you extra sauce (ladle all the sauce from every dish)
Me: ........... :-O

Our dinner, courtesy of the Customer
Very hot, spicy, sweet and well, curry-ish at the same time

Happy New Year!

OK, so I was a bit late in reaching Penang today as I woke up with a stupid neck sprain and a slight food poisoning. Suffice to say, I could not stand and everything was spinning like crazy.
By the time I got to Penang, it was almost five in the evening.

There was a heavy jam at the Penang Bridge entrance
We found out it was due to a fender bender up ahead

Happy New Year!
There was a small firework in front of our window

By the time I got everything focused, it was all over

Lots of ppl below and a nice heavy jam as well

And how did I managed to blog?
Cititel has a prepaid card for Boradband access
RM8 for 1 hour, RM15 for 3 hours and RM20 for 24 hours

Woo! Lookit the speed! Its fast!!!

A second opinion, I am now confused whether its still fast or just so-so

And on the New Year's Eve, Loctor Mayat and I had a wonderful BBQ+Steamboat dinner. Another AutoWorld Forummer, nick900 joined us briefly. Unfortunately, we had to pay for him as well although he did not stay for any food. (Should have hidden the his cup of water. He he he he he)

So, how did 2005 treat me?
01) Kristine grew
02) My new work is getting better
03) I love my Wife more
04) I went to Johor
05) I went to Ipoh
06) I went to Temerloh
07) I went to Sarawak
08) I went to Alor Setar
09) I went to Penang
10) I started on a new fantasy project which I intend to finish
11) I broke more things than I should
12) I am starting to like the two red lines.....
13) I met more AutoWorld Forummers
14) I did not go to Singapore
15) Kristine Celebrated her first Chinese New Year
16) Kristine Celebrated her first Birthday