My new phone

So, I got a new phone today. No, no. Its not my personal phone but company's. Yeah, the other phone has a lot of problems which resulted in a LOT of missed calls form both the customers and the office. Still, can't complain, even though it has no Bluetooth.

After months of loyalty, I am rewarded with a Nokia 1100...not!

Traffic Summons. I can help you

Sometimes, when you're driving long distance, things tend to get boring on the Highway. So, you switch on your CD player for some entertainment. And the music works on you.

And weeks later, you get your speeding summons in the mail.

Fine. Now, just to make sure, I decided to check if there are anymore by going to this website and also via SMS. OK, so now I had three, with one from 2003. Anyway, a lunch appointment with a friend of mine, my problems are going to be solved soon. And if you have a lot of sommonses, you can E-Mail me and I can now, do my best to help you.

But make sure you stay in Klang Valley, la.

This is what happens when someone can't brake in time