30082011 Trip to Lake Gardens

Its time for another family trip. No, we don't do this as an annual thing but it more of a HM saying, "I want a Family Picnic. Now.". It was the "Now" part which got to me. I mean, hey, if you ignore the NOW part, you're asking for 1000 lashes to the back or sleeping on the couch for "7 days and 7 nights with no sleepy tights"

And so, we packed all the necessary stuff for the
picnic. Whatever things you can think of, is not
there. But everything that I can think of, is there.
Go figure.

And so, the destination of choice is none
other than the Lake Gardens. Which is
fine by me because there is no point
going to Cameron Highlands or Fraser's
Hill. Everyone would be there.

Ah, this scene reminds me of Kristine
and I years ago when I tried to get
her to overcome her fear of heights.

After searching for a suitable spot, we found one.
Unfortunately, some members of the family were
too tired to pose for the camera, so I did the next
best thing. They were 10 metres away from us.
Notice they did not smile because I did not pay

Eventually, I got the shot anyway because well,
ours had a rood and I like the design, OK?

And so, we had breakfast. All wholesome delicious
breakfast, prepared by Mum & Mommy. I'm still
alive because I agreed that it was wholesome and
delicious. Definitely wholesome and delicious...

Mommy brought some bread, which everyone
who has been to the Lake Gardens know what
they are meant for by now. No, its not 'Bring
you own Bread' to the local Kopitiam but its to
feed the fish in the lake.

Erm... like all people who brought bread to the
Lake, its never enough. Don't believe me?

Watch as the two mons....er girls delight in feeding
the fishes and the turtles. Watch as they get more
and more excited.

Now watch as they ran after Mommy for more bread..

Watch from my point of view of Mommy being
chased while imagining the 'Benny Hill' song

After that, it was time for
walkies and lo and behold!
The Brazilian Nut Tree...

I am not really in the understanding
of wut dese nuts for but they drop
dem lots every few seconds.

No one got hit though and if you're there, you'd
think it was raining seeds. Then again, I don't
think they're seeds but more like flowers.

Here is one close up, courtesy
of Ms. Kaelynn

Not to be outdone, Ms. Kristine
wants to show you two instead.

After about and hour and a half of walking, even
they get tired. But I am not done with them...

So I fooled Kristine into challenging
her to run a lap with me.
And off she goes....

By now, she would have realised
that I was not run and I was not
behind her trying to catch up...

OK, so on the second lap, I ran with her
and I still won because she looked very
exhausted. Ha ha. But minutes later,
Mommy ran with her and she still has
the energy. Whoa... this is amazing.

I took Kaelynn to a small pond-like where we looked
at fishes and tried to catch a pair of mating Dragonflies
with my Nokia n8 but the macro can only do so much.

Finally, at the leg end of the trip, one final muck
about and we're ready to go home. And as exepected,
everyone feel into deep slumber the moment their
heads touched the pillows...