Little Monster and the Wasabi Peas

Grraaahhh!!!! I got Daddy's Wasabi Peas and its wonderful!

I can slap it and punch it,

I can throw it around and bite it.

Mommy wants to trade it for a book. No way!

Not even the Dancing Teddy Bears can change my mind

Finally, Mommy said enough is enough

So, I'll monsterise the Teddy Bears instead.

Office Renovation III

So, after a few days, the Office is taking shape. We just finished relocating the Network cables, router and the StimX modem to the new Multipurpose rack. And we're going to try with the phone cabling next. This time, we're going to experiment with patch cabling. Ooh, this is going to be fun!

The wall all smoothed and painted.
Someone is going to use the bowl (on the chair) as ashtray. Ha ha ha

So, with the Network done,
we're going to try with the voice cables next.