For Kalkamel

Hey, Kal. Look, Kal, Look! I found the other LED box!
Your 3mm green LEDs on the top next to the big 1watt
resistor! You want orange ones too?

Phaser Rifle

Therein lies my dilemma. I wanted to have a Luxeon LED for the rifle's scope but would not create a driver circuit for it (because its expensive and parts are hard to get, OK). So, using the low-tech method with a 1watt resistor, I would have to compensate with a big heatsink........

So, I was at another customer's place where they sell piping
and came across this brass thingy. In the background is the
Luxeon LED temporarily under the collimator lens

It comes in three pieces, (one for your wife/GF if you forgot your present)
But I am going to use the front part although the rear end can lock by
screwing it to the bigger piece. But the collimator lens is too big to fit
into the rear end, thus making it useless. No, I am not going to sand
it to fit either.

There is a small plastic notch on the lens which you can sand it
off. After that, it would be a perfect fit. All you need then, would
be some glue to hold it to the metal.

But the Luxeon would be another matter as I would really have to sand
its heatsink to fit into the metal and also to make sure it is touching it
so that the heat from the LED can transfer over

Or maybe I should just get a larger metal piece. I'll try and go over to my customer's shop tomorrow since it is just literally behind our office.

White Honda

I saw this Honda near my office this evening. It was catchy because of the fibres bolted to it. But somehow, there is something not right about it. Yeah, the rims sucked. Big time

I liked the front bumper design, esp the lower fibre.
I can bet you that he's not going to chase me if i go
over a lot of speed bumps. Ha ha ha ha ha

From the rear, it looked the business, though

Mango Bread

I first bought these Auntie's Delight with the Blueberry and Strawberry buns. Then I saw there is now a Mango roll. So I asked the shopkeeper about the Mango roll and she replied, dunno when he rolled off to.

I am not making sense here. Neither is my action of buying the roll, throwing it in the car and forgot about lunch.

Finders Keepers

Just as I came out from the car on the way to a customer, I noticed someone threw this charger away. My guess is that it is a Nokia Mobile Phone charger or something like that. Its still working though but if I want to test this, I would have to locate a plug for my office's Nokia phone. And if I don't want to use it, well, the clear casing could be used as another prop potential.

Yep, the LED lights up when I plugged it into the car's socket

Overturned Trailer

Thank goodness for an early appointment nearby. By the time I have finished with my customer, it was time to go to the office. Then I noticed a PLUS helicopter flying in circles near the Seafield Toll. And as I entered the hignway............

Yep. If I was there hours ago, this road would be jammed up
nevermind if the trailer overturned on the other side. All the
drivers would have stopped for a looksee and slow everyone
Still, I had to stop and take this photo but could not come out
as there were a lof of car/lorries coming from behind

How it turned, I am not sure but all I know was, this morning
there was no heavy rain at all.

Yet again, my camera was not fast enough to zoom and
focus on this PLUS helicopter. Then again, I was driving