The Dinner at Shogun Mont Kiara

Its time for another buffet dinner, this time, its at Shogun Mont Kiara. When I was younger, I loved to go to buffets and stuff myself silly. However, nowadays, times has changed. Yes, nowadays, when I go to buffets, I just stuff myself.

I mean, just going there and eating all the 'expensive' food does not mean anything much anymore. Maybe I am bored or just that, well, there was too much to take. Remember the story about how a Father cured his son's smoking habit by locking him in a room full of cigarettes/cigars and told him he could smoke all he wanted until the next morning? No? OK, there was this kid who smoked which and smoked, which his smoker Father did not like. So, he locked the kid in his smoking room and told him he could smoke all his cigarette collection until the the next morning. When morning came, the Father unlocked the door and... this is so boring I actually forgot the ending....

With their favourite Biological Aunt from Singapore here today, the girls are very very happy. And so, it was decided that everyone must have dinner at the Shogun Japanese Buffet.

To start the evening, I got some cold meat and...aww.. this isn't about me,

Its about her! The Little Princess, all dressed up

OK, now back to the food. Left-good, right-gooder.

Nom nom nom nom

Nom-nom                        nom-nom                          nom-nom

Nom nom

nom nom

nom nom

Kaelynn with Grandma

Nom nom.... urp

Anyway, as the evening draws to a close, it was time to pay the bill and other stuff. In the meantime, the girls posed for their Favourite Aunt. Its not the wide selection of food nor the tast but the company which we enjoyed.

Man, this is really her night.

Panoramic Shot of the Restaurant. Very nice setting and the lighting is very nice. But for some, it might be a tad too dark.

The outside view overlooking the PLUS Highway at the Jalan Duta exchange. You can choose to sit outside, which is quite airy. But its still a bit too humid and noisy for my taste.
Overall, this is quite a nice place compared to the one in 1-Utama and Sunway. And be prepared to walk quite some distance due to parking. What I do not like is that there is no 'direct' access to the place and you need to use the escalators and walk quite a bit, which is a problem for my Dad.

IKEA's Stralande

After so many months, its now or never. I bought this from IKEA after reading Suanie's blog about it. Its a bit pricey to me but I'll explain a bit later. Anyway, after much thinking about it, I bought it on the last Family's trip the The Curve. Its amazing I had not bought anything else because there were so many things in there...

Anyway, I like to eat garlic and when it comes to chopping them, I am practically useless. What I do is to peel them off, then cut them in long strips before turning them into mini cubes. For my Wife, she just use the chopper's flat blale to whack the garlic and then chop them as if there was nothing to it...

For RM29.00, this is what you get. It more or less fits into the hand quite well.

And the beauty of the Stralande lies in this shaped blade which cuts in a very unique way

You can take the cover off to wash the blade but remember this, its very sharp especially at the corner edges.

First, I used this much onions but it does not work that way since I did not RTFM either. After some trial, you have to put in a little bit less.

Ah, my wonerful helper who will now demonstrates how the Stralande works.

With every downward push, the blade will cut your... things. Once you release the top, the blade will rise aaaaannnndddd, rotates! Then when you push the top down, it will chop and then rise and rotate and so on! This is wonderful! After a few more presses, the garlic/onions are chopped.

Mysteriously, my Stralande disappeared after this and so, I have to use the knife again....