Why is the steering wheel black?

On and off, sometimes I feel that the van's steering wheel is very sticky. Maybe its because of the protective cover or maybe its something else. I should never have found out....

I used those moist clean wipes on the steering. The first wipe was on the
left. The steering wheel made the whole wipe changed to black. On the
right is the third wipe, which looks a bit smudged. Imagine the amount
of dirt and grime on the wheel. Yucks

Nothing to see here, move along, Move along!

Casualties of war on the fight with termites

Here comes the long weekend! III

Today is Sunday. There are no other people around except for us. So, we get to finish our jobs in peace. However, by the time I finished my chores it was already half-past one. Still, we worked feverishly.

And I mean feverishly because I was sick. I had sore throat, aches in my joints especially my back and worse of all, my body seemed sapped of all energy. Still, work is work and because of my position, I cannot relax as I have to set an example. (Later on, the next day, my Boss got sick too because of the full blast air-con he was under).

Before we took this job, we have prepared days ahead. Everyone knows their job so that the plan would not go wrong. But unfortunately, it did. Maybe we did not factor in that the furniture people would take so long as both of us kept bumping into each other. Or maybe, because our time management is still not good enough. So, I HAD to come in yesterday to take the load off the team or come Monday, it would be a very sad thing to let our customer down when he trusted us completely because everyone would be looking for him and not us. So, when I finished my part, I was already walking around like a zombie.

By seven in the evening, the staff came back and did their own unpacking
we left at 2200 this time and prepare ourselves for tomorrow's standby

Even after everything is done, we still have to clean up the mess

Bata's PU Gel

While buying a new pair of shoes for Kristine, I got myself one of those PU Gel soles. I worn down a lot of in-soles and just this time, I am going to treat myself. Bear in mind when you put in these soles. They will take up about 7cm inside your shoe.

Once you put it in, you'll notice that your shoe has become very comfortable. In my case, I felt as if the soles are warming up my feet. Still, thank goodness I got it before I went for the Sunday job as it entails a lot of walking. In the end, my feet did not feel tired.

The soles can be cut to different shoe sizes so that you can fit into
your shoe snugly. It made no difference to me since their largest
size was size 8. Still, it fits me, I think the seize 8 is European or
vice versa.

Here comes the long weekend! II

Since its a Saturday, and my team can handle the cabling and stuff, I left at one and also because my Boss told me I do not need to go. So, after a nice nap, Wife woke me up so that all of us can go to the Sunway Piramid for some shopping. As we were almost at the first traffic light, my Boss called me up and in a lowered voice:

Boss: Chow, you better come in, "Li tou kau mm dim, ah" [We're going ape-shit here]
Me: Uh, huh.
Boss: You going out meh?
Me: Un, no. Well, er....... (Stupid reply, dumbass)
Boss: Look, once you finish your "things", can you please come over?
Me: Never mind. I'm coming now if I finish my "things" it will be too late.
Boss: ..... OK.

We finished work about 2330 that night while the furniture
people finished at about 0100 in the morning


Alien zombie cat searching for something

Here comes the long weekend!

This is the long weekend I both dreaded and excited about. We wrestled the job of laying the cables back from some a$$hole. Its a long story but I will shorten it (to a few thousand words). Our customer was supposed to find a new place for the office and therefore, we were engaged to relocate their existing PABX, lay new cables and also supply the furniture.

Unfortunately, the customer changed their plans and decided to refurbish their existing office instead. While they were in the midst of planning, someone leaked the news and before you know it, a third party came in and offered their services. While our solution was to lay minimal cables, maintain existing cabling and only expand the PABX when needed, their solution is to rewire the whole office, get in new PABX cards (even if they are not using the phones yet) and use their furniture. What is more infuriating was that they claim to know us well.

So, after our feedback to the customer, they decided it was better for us to do the cabling and the third party to do the furniture. Of course the third party was pissed off because they know that the main profit is from the cabling and not from the furniture. The reason the customer chose us was because we were very frank and professional with our services but mainly because we know their PABX well. OK, another fact is that this third party would engage another contractor to do the PABX as they are more of the middle-men strategy. I know these people a decade ago and I was not happy with their tactics. They would call for service and instead of going to their office, our poor technician would be told to go to their customer further inside Klang.

Another reason for this victory is these Klang people need to be taught a lesson. You cannot come in, stuff your things into the customer's throat and lie to them as well and assume you got the sale. Personally, if I do meet this person, I would give him a very strong message.

Unfortunately, my Boss told me not to go there tomorrow or Sunday if I can help it. Haih

[0600] We're ready to dismantle the cables. Here, my assistant is assisting the unassisted. While waiting for the movers, we split into tow teams; one to do the cabling and the other, to help the customer move all the PCs and printers into another room for safe keeping.

[0700] The movers are here. They were very very late. But this gives us more time. By now, most of the staff have gone home and we can work in peace.

[2100] Almost done! Most of the furnture is gone and we have relocated most of the cables. In the meantime, the customer showed me his new game, Assassin Creed.

[2115] We are done!

Just a turn of the head........

All it took was just a turn of my head to concentrate my driving and Kaelynn managed to give herself a chocolate facial.

No more unsupervised eating!

Pre-Election SMS

OK, I want to empty my phone's SMS folder as these crap messages are taking too much of its space. These were sent on the week before the election which is a bit irritating. I am retyping them word for word and replying them in bold. (yeah, nothing else better to do)

04032008 19:03 by ThePost
Meet Dato Sri Effendi Nawawi at the Old devi's Corner tomorrow, 5th March 08 at 5.30pm
So? You're telling every egg-thrower to go there now....

04032008 19:07 by ThePost
An Evening with Yasmin Ahmad & Tony Fernandes at Bangsar Village 2, Thursday, 6th March 2008 at 4pm to 6pm
Are they having auditions for her new movie?

04032008 19:20 by TunPerak
YAB Dato' Sri Najib Tun Abd Razak akan datang ke Bangsar Village pasa Khamis, 6Mac 2008, jam 9.15 malam.
Yeah, right and spoil everyone's dinner there

04032008 20:17 by ThePost
Come&chat w the Econ Planning Minister, Dato'Sri Effendi tmrow,5/3,530pm,Old Devis Crner. Air yr views&questions,sparatefact&fiction.Exclusive 4 Lem.Pantai.
Why do I want to chat with this clown? Is he selling Insurance or Financial Planning services?

05032008 07:40 by SuaraRakyat
Mahathir Never Support Anwar. DON'T VOTE PKR!!
Mahathir Never Support me either.

05032008 11:48 by ThePost
Hi,Dato'Effendi Norwawi will b speaking today @ our Speakers Corner at 5.30pm at Old Devi's Corner. Do come with frens if you are free.Pls spread the word!Thnx.
If I spread the word, he might not come.

05032008 19:49 by TunPerak
YAB Dato'Sri Najib Tun Razak akan datang ke Bangsar Village pada Khamis, 6 Mac 08, jam 9.15 mlm.
Yes, yes, we and the whole World knows that by now.

06032008 13:22 by OurVoice
Nurul will resign if she win so that Anwar can take over. Anwar cannot be trusted. Please vote wisely !!
Hello. She is his daughter and he can bloody do what he wants, OK? Besides, she has great tits.

06032008 15:43 by Bangsarian
Bangsarian,lets not give PAS the right into Bangsar.Their no.1 agenda of an Islamic State is not welcome.We must make sure that only their flags get this close.
And let's not give BN the right too. Fair enough?

06032008 16:06 by TunPerak
YAB Dato' Sri Najib Tun Abd Razak akan datang ke Bangsar Village malam ini, Khamis, 6 Mac 2008, jam 9.15 malam.
Yes, yes, I know. I'll be avoiding that place and not just tonight. Satisfied?

07032008 13:28 by Shahrizat
Slm.lifes nvr prfct.Bt BN is gug 4 us Msians.No war.Stble n tolernt. govt.Grt ppl.Yes a dcent fture 4 us our prnts kids fmly frens.Srly tht mz mean smt.SHAHRIZAT
Well, I dunno, Shahrizat. I though you were well educated but your SMS shows otherwise. For your info, although I have made up my mind, your SMS killed you.

07032008 18:48 by OurVoice
Dont vote for a transitional candidate. Vote for the candidate that will fight for your struggles and aspirations!
You mean, vote for Superman?

07032008 19:16 by OurVoice
At the end of the day,we should choose someone who will fight for our aspirations&struggle,&not a candidate that will ride on our struggle for his aspirations.
I know, but Superman does not live in Malaysia

07032008 20:49 by OurVoice
Anwar,buying votes alrdy.@RM100 vote s only RM10 pyear s PKR s cntbtn.BN hs dvlpd d hol area 4 d laz 10yrs.Antr 5yrs,BN able 2 rfne dvlpmnt&imprvs mgt.VOTE BN!
I cnt evn undrstnd wht u'r sying! Pls tll me whre 2 collct the RM100

07032008 21:12 by OurVoice
He said ptrol prce ws stbl wen he ws Min. of Fnnce,bt nvr once does he acknwlddg tht glbl prce o oil nw s trple.He s msldg,Dont let Anwar insult our intelligence.
Look, no one has a crystal ball, OK? Did you ever acknowlege that your stupid SMS made people vote otherwise? You're the one who is insulting our intelligence.

Oh-oh, Houston we have a problem

After a few enquiries to my mail, and having looked at the latest prop pictures from Robiwon, I rushed back to the electronics shop to check on the LEDs. Sure enough, the ones I had found were too big. And the almost correct size, comes only in green as the red is gone.

I had the girl search the whole shop but to no avail. This is so sad for those who have high hopes placed on me. If you guys still want the LEDs, you might have to sand them down to the right size.

The smaller triangle is on the left and only comes in green. While
the original ones I saw (two on the right) comes in both colours
but were of the wrong measurement.

Rushing for work

Boss: Oi. You where?
Me: On the way to you la.
Boss: Where are you now?
Me: Just entering Duta exit to the highway
Boss: Oh, don't come. We're packing up
Me: Haiyo.

After rushing though the jam, reached home to get the torchlights for Will and rush out into the jam again, only to be told to turn back.

Preparing for the Haze

Well, I mean, its going to come, right? It happens every year and we go so used to it by now. In fact, it was stuffed down our throats whether we like it or not. I hate the Haze in many ways. But there is nothing I can do about it. I don't even have money to build a nuclear bomb and detonate it there.

But to be honest, I am looking for any excuse to get a mask. I have been trying to buy this since four years ago when I visited this customer. And maybe, in a few years time, I might actually have enough for an airbrush system or boxes of aerosol sprays paints. Anyway, now that I have it, I can throw away my RM3.90 paper mask that made me look like a dental victim ...........

Total cost is quite a bit but not as much as I would have thought

Now, if I can find some black hose, wear some armour, get some
orange/green tinted Oakley glasses and look pissed off........


We got Kristine a study table (and hope she does not grow out of it too soon) last week. And usually, over the weekend, she would have homework assigned to her which she must complete before Monday.

I was suprised because during my time at the kindergarten, all I could ever remember was running about, bloodied my knees, sitting on school buses and the high ceilings. The word homework did not exist then.

Kristine is diligently doing her homework.
Thanks to Mr. Rotan on her left.

Yep, she is definitely a south paw

System down on a Sunday

One thing I hate about phone calls during the weekends is that they are usually very important (ha.ha.). OK, so I do get occasional calls from friends asking me to come out and meet them in case they (or I) forgot how we all looked like.

Anyway, I got the call from my Boss and my Wife was looking at me as if I was about to use one of my tricks to "escape" from the house. It seemed that one of our customer in Shah Alam suffered a system down. It has nothing to do with a system falling down on to the floor but more on the fact that it is not working at all. When this happens, the nearest person would have to drop whatever he is doing and rush over (or something like that).

My Boss was hesitant to call me since we're the only ones who are married. And so, he called my technician instead, which as usual, did not answer the call which I suspected as much.

So, I have to get up, to go down, to up a downed system.

We got there, dismantled the system, brought it back to the office and tested it. The system suffered total power and multiple card failures in all three cabinets. Then, with whatever stuff we had on hand, repaired it and installed it back on site. And all this took me about three hours. By the time I have finished, it was already raining heavily outside the house. I got soaked from head to toe (and shoes).

This is the system. All three cabinets were affected during the
Saturday thunderstorm.

As I was about to go, I noticed the partition wall holding
the system is weakening. I just hope my predictions are
not coming true too soon.....


We hardly knew you and yet, it was sad to let you go. We know you had a hard time struggling but fate has other plans. I am sad you cannot enjoy life with us. I am also sad I have to do this.


It pains me that I don't even have a name for you.

For Will

Me: You got any LED torchlights for RM10 or not?
He: Got. nah. [Shows me one with a lot of LEDs inside]
Me: No, ler, I want the one with one LED
He: Oh here, try this one, can go 50 feet.
Me: [Checking out the torch] OK, how much?
He: RM15
Me: ........
He: OK, try this one, 60feet!
Me: 7 watts. How much?
He: RM20
Me: [thinking, "Nia ma ge hai! Sai emm sai kam lan guai, ah?"] Er, my friend want RM10 torch wor
He: Oh, wait ah. [Goes into shop and comes out again] Here, try this one, I give you RM12
Me: wah, so small nia. Use only one AA battery sommore.
Me: Can cheaper or not?
He: Cannot la, cheap cheap already
Me: OK lar, give you face today
He: RM36 for all, thank you.
Me: Yeah, right. Bye

And the fucker didn't even give you free batteries.
BTW, the mosquito repellent is battery operated
and sets you back by RM19. No mains powered.

The triangle LEDs

So, since I am still recovering from fatigue, I made my assistant drive me around town today. And as luck would have it, my only customer of the day also gave me a headache which made me unable to concentrate on my job. Either that or I was hungry as I was too "involved" in my work. It was not until about three in the afternoon only did my assistant dare to speak to me and informed me that he has been told to buy his own tools that I took the opportunity to got to Pasar Road again.

The first thing was to go to one of my favourite shops to see if they sell a particular LED for an RPF member. Which they did and luckily, they have the green version as well.

I love going to this shop as they have all kinds of
LEDs (except exotic Luxeons) for sale.

For this particular LED, they have loads of it

But I am not sure of the correct size, so here is
a measurement shot for you

The trip up North ... Sg. Petani & Ipoh

Barely 24 hours later, we're going outstation again. This time, to Sg. Petani to make sure the system we installed last month is ready for operation (next month. Huh?) So, this time I am bringing my senior tech along since he was with me when we first installed it.

Nothing to say much but I was getting very very tired driving for the past two days. And when I got back, I noticed that my Rm100 bag has one of its legs broken. Upon closer inspection, the bag is nothing more than pieces of cardboard, plastic and aluminum put together. Where the hole was, when I pressed it, I can feel the hole from the interior of the bag. Dammit.

Shock! Horror! My bag is filled with filings from a China-made pau!

The trouble with air-cons

And so, as luck would have it, my predictions came through. The aircon at the customer's place is now giving problems. When I first opened the door, I was shocked to see a big water puddle on the floor. As the partition wall is fiber it will absorb water and then rot. Not only that, the water has also splashed into the PABX system as well. I have informed the customer about it and they did try to get the aircon guy be faced with the "Its like that and I can't do anything about it". I know the two units run on a timer and activates alernatedly everyday. So, getting this from the aircon gu is pure bullshit. So, I gave them the "fix it or else" ultimatum as we're going to be busy for the next few weeks and such system down situation would only screw our schedules.

Later on in the evening, the only thing they could do was to mop up the floor and put a small bucket next to the system

Luckily, the water did not seep into the
small grey enclosure on the floor as there
are a lot of cables in there.

Even the batteries are wet and judging from the
watermarks left on the tiles, it nearly went to the
server rack on the left. Not in the picture. I think
this has been happening for months now and only
now that it got worse.

Well, if no one does anything about it, the rot
would weaken the wall and everything mounted
on it would fall down. And this is the only "solid"
wall as the other three walls are made of glass.

I fyou look closely, you can the see the aircon spitting
the water in the middle of the picture, just next to the

Stan Winston RIP

Remember Terminator 2 when it first came out? It broke the Special Effects mould (at that time). How about Aliens? Galaxy Quest? Jurassic Park? How about Predator or the latest Iron Man?

Stan Winston is the most talented special effects guy around. Without him, the magic in the movies would definitely be as exciting as watching paint dry.

And so, on 15th og June 2008, Stan Winston passed away peacefully in his sleep after battling years of multiple myeloma (or Kahler's disease), a form of cancer. He was in his early sixties.

Damn. I don't know what else to say.

You can see more from his Website and Wiki


Driving the whole night was very tiring for me. It did not help when my assistant was sleeping throughout the whole journey. In one of the few rest stops, I really had to take a nap. But because I was too tired to sleep (and did not want to switch on the van's aircon due to the expensive petrol) I decided to take a walk to wash my face. Then, when I got a bit sober, I decided to take some shots since I had the tripod with me. And tonight, there was a full moon too!

I got careless here because you can
see the dustbin. I also forgot to take
off the UV filter which created lens

When I looked up, the clouds were moving very fast
and sometimes, blocking the Moon. I wanted to use
ISO1600 as the moving clouds cause a lot of problems
for me. But I stubbornly set at about ISO400.

This is one of the few clear shots it got, using the zoom lens

Again, there is this irritating lens flare even on the zoom lens.
But for this photo, I think it looked just surreal. Twin moons!

By the time I changed back to my Kit lens, the coulds went
wild and I started to take more pictures, this time, I took
off the UV filter.

Funny Ice Cubes

This is what you get when you use the other half of
an egg container as icu cube mould

The trip down South ..... Johor

OK, here we go! Another trip outstation to Kulai and then Johor Bahru. The first stop was to go to Kulai and solve the problem of the customer being able to dial out the "#" key. Somehow, the original installer did something to the programs and I had to get it done. If not for the "slowness" of my Notebook, we could have left long time ago. Actually, the software in the Notebook has a very funny idea about processing speed. Once I exited from it, and reactivated the program, it went fast and after a few minutes, it slowed down to a crawl.

Anyhow, I thought it was the "Virus Mawar" pest but days later, after it was purged, the problem is stilll there. By the time we arrived in Johor, it was already close to four in the afternoon, no time to rush over to pay my 2004 parking fine. Yeah, apparently, some stupid salesman promised to pay for my ticket in 2004, did not and now, I have to do it myself. But it was too late and so, we got to work instead, finishing at about eight in the evening. The PABX had some corrupted software and so, I had to reinitialise and re-program the system again. And I thought to myself, maybe I should be selfish and stay a night there so that the next morning, I can pay the fine instead of mailing it.

But now, the nearby Hotel was fully booked and so, I had to hurry and finish my work, visit Holiday Plaza for some DVDs and drive back home. By the time we reached KL, it was about four in the morning. I was so tired and while my assistant was alseep, I counted nearly six near-fatal crash if I really did fall asleep at the wheel. Damn.

The next day, I reported for work at 2 in the afternoon as I slept seven hours straight. Seemes like waking up at seven to start the journey is not enough. Maybe I should have told my assistant to be ready at five in the morning....

I know, I know, I don't have a macro lens.
Shot outside the men's toilet somewhere
outside some R&R I forgot

As I sat down, I realised that if I played my
cards right, we could be staying the night in
JB as Boss expected us to do so anyway. But
Fate decided otherwise and I thought to too
as there are other backlogged service calls
that needs to be cleared before next week

See the spots/smears on the windscreen?
A lot of insects were killed for my own
displeasure. And this was at 90Kmh

A cheaper snip

Again, I love going to hair salons. I can find peace and quiet there. Really. When you enter one, if everyone is not so noisy, the cool air from the air-con and the silent whirr of some hair dryers will give you a sense of peace. When the girl comes and wash/massage your hair, you will feel at ease immediately. The cool water and shampoo mixture does wonders for your scalp. Sometimes, if you know them well, they will give you extra time washing your hair if there are no other customers waiting. And then, you will slowly fall asleep or about to. And when they start to cut your hair, it is heaven! The wonderful sounds of the scissors cutting your hair and the vibration it generates onto your skull really makes you float sleepily.

And there and then, if everything is right, you will either fall asleep, go into a trance or start to daydream. Any which way(apart from sleeping), I find that I get a lot of ideas coming from my head. Which is good because sometimes, its to do with designs and sometimes, its about solving an almost impossible problem.

Alas, this little luxury has ended. Years ago, I have no compulsion about getting my hair cut every month. Even when the prices went up from RM24 to about RM34. Then, after getting married, just to save some money, I get it cut every two months.

When the girls came out, I get it cut every three months.

But with the recent price hikes, trips to the hair salon is now a luxury.

So, while we were out shopping at the Pasar Malam, my wife pointed out one of those new haircut centres at the Bangsar Village. Its called "Cut and Go" if I am not mistaken. You just slot in RM15 (RM10 and a RM5 note) into a machine and wait for your turn. No shampoo, no scalp massage, no nothing. They just cut your hair to the style you want, vacuum your head and thats it. Simple. And I get to save more than RM15!

The owner of this concept is an absolute genius! The machine takes your cash so there is no money dispute with the staff. They vacuum your excess hair, so there is no need for extra plumbing to the salon and this save a lot on the water bill. And so, with minimal equipment, the space is just about 1/8 or less of a normal hair salon!

But for ladies who wants to perm their hair, colour them, etc., this is not the proper place. They just cut your hair and nothing else.

But one thing I can say is that now, with the new haircut, my usage of shampoo and hair gel has drastically reduced to just a fraction. I only need a few drop of hair gel now since there is literally nothing much to hold. Ha ha ha ha ha

My hair is so damn short now, its botak!
So, I have about another three months
before I got for another cut! Brilliant!

Happy Father's Day!

I would have never expected this since I am sometimes, do not think I am a father. But once the card came, it just dawned on me. . . . .

This is Kristine's card to me

Although its a simple design, the message is profound

Kristine's new toy

Kristine has been bugging us to get her a violin. I am not sure where she got the idea from but as a Dad, I have to consider her request. First of all, I could get he a toy violin from some Pasar Malam which would fit into her profile as a 5-minute toy killer. But, then again, what if she is really interested in playing the violin and also, could be a prodigy at it? Nah. So, we went to Toys 'R Us (Mid-Valley) to get her one.

When we were there, there was no violin in sight except for those electronic toy versions which when I tried it, only plays a song when you drag the bow across. So, we decided on the next best thing. A keyboard. Not only does it allow you to play with different musical instruments, it also has a memory bank of a few of her favourite songs in it. And so, being RM69.90 poorer, Kristine forgot all about the violin......

Still, the anticipation of dreaded plinky plonks to our ears the whole day did not arrive. Which is a good thing. She can make some of her own music and it was bearable. Imagine if she asked for a drum instead.....

She is happy but unfortunately, the batteries ran out after 24hours

Tools of the trade

I have told my guys that they have to look after their tools well because sometimes, when they really need it, it might not be functioning or there is no one else to turn to. And I do not want to waste time checking their tools every morning.

This has happened many times and I am not happy about that. The effect of such malfunction can cost the company in terms of loss of manpower, transportation costs and more importantly, customer perception in trust.

To the uninitiated, this is just a piece of wire and plastic bits. To us,
this is a very important tool which saves a lot of time when we need
to check connections or lines quickly. Outside technicians would kill
just to have it. And one of my old tech who resigned, just threw it in
his drawer. The new tech also did not care much since it is "broken"
All I had to do is to prepare the cabels and solder it back. Cheh

Something new

This is something I never see on the road. An Avanza
being used as a commercial vehicle. Its very interesting
to note that it has a rear grill installed too.

Screwing the Rakyat even more

City Hall has announced that they will be imposing parking fees from 0730 to 2200 from Mondays to Sundays, including Public Holidays. And less than 48 hours later, they changed their threats to only impose from from 0730 to 1800 Mondays to Saturdays.

What the fuck.

It should be 0830 to 1730, la. Stupid. As if our lives are still not screwed enough. You think the we, the Rakyat is your ATM, issit?

This was set up a few days ago. Back when
we were told this are would not have any
parking meters and that is why we moved

The interface is quite OK and it is easy to smash
it to pieces, I think. I can bet you, within a few
days, it would be vandalised or pasted with a lot
of stickers

And I want to be the one to take the Solar Cells. Might
be handy when I want to charge something. Heh

Friday the 13th

I do not believe that such things exist. To me, Friday 13th is just another ordinary day. Nothing more than that. But then, something happened.

First, my perfect knife broke just by falling on
the floor. I can't use it anymore without cutting
my thumb pushing the blade out. C'mon, it just
fell to the floor only wat.........

Then my hip pouch's clip broke and there is no time
to get it fixed. Not only that, my original pouch is
still sitting in the room waiting to be repaired. This
is going to cost me. Maybe I should take it to a
tailor to repair my original pouch.

And when things come, it comes in threes. Once I got home, and after everything was settled, only then did my Wife broke the news to me. We're definitely not going to have any Rat in the house anymore. There is no more heartbeat (again).

Damn. So, sorry if I had not posted for a week. I was too depressed.

RM2.70 per litre

I did not hear about the price rise until about six in the evening on the radio. By that time, it was too late to turn back or find another alternative route as all the roads were exceptionally jammed up. This is so stupid.

The Government could have announced it after eight in the evening or later. Imagine the chaos it created where the congested road were mixed with the evening rush and now, worsened by the long queues at the petrol station.

But just to save what? The 78sen increase to RM2.70 per litre is a lot. But this would mean I would save RM10 or so if I filled up now. Jesus Christ. All that one and half hour of queuing just to save that much? I don't care about the rebates and all when renewing road taxes.

Like all Malaysians, we cannot see beyond what is today. So, for the past few months, the Government has announced about reducing or changing the fuel subsidy where the general public would go, "Ho-Hum". But once the price announcement about petrol/rice, etc. increase, everyone would rush over to get it. Dammit to Hell. I can tell you, this is fodder for the Pakatan Rakyat and also fuel for more violent demonstrations to come.

And in reality, I don't give a hoot about looking at the big picture and all that shit anymore as I am very angry. Angry about it being my fault. And yours and the Country as a whole. Why? Because we did not vote enough to get rid of Barisan National.

I mean, which kind of moron would say its a win-win situation when all we got was a pair of rocks in the sea?

And I can tell you, some fucking moron would also say, our petrol prices are still the cheapest in the region. What? You mean we have to compete to be the most expensive? Give me a break la.

Come the next election, Barisan National would LOSE and I would make sure it stays that way even if Pakatan Rakyat performs abysmally.

And it took me two hours to get home on a normal 40 minute route!

Ha ha ha ha! This is so funny and yet, so TRUE!