The trouble with air-cons

And so, as luck would have it, my predictions came through. The aircon at the customer's place is now giving problems. When I first opened the door, I was shocked to see a big water puddle on the floor. As the partition wall is fiber it will absorb water and then rot. Not only that, the water has also splashed into the PABX system as well. I have informed the customer about it and they did try to get the aircon guy be faced with the "Its like that and I can't do anything about it". I know the two units run on a timer and activates alernatedly everyday. So, getting this from the aircon gu is pure bullshit. So, I gave them the "fix it or else" ultimatum as we're going to be busy for the next few weeks and such system down situation would only screw our schedules.

Later on in the evening, the only thing they could do was to mop up the floor and put a small bucket next to the system

Luckily, the water did not seep into the
small grey enclosure on the floor as there
are a lot of cables in there.

Even the batteries are wet and judging from the
watermarks left on the tiles, it nearly went to the
server rack on the left. Not in the picture. I think
this has been happening for months now and only
now that it got worse.

Well, if no one does anything about it, the rot
would weaken the wall and everything mounted
on it would fall down. And this is the only "solid"
wall as the other three walls are made of glass.

I fyou look closely, you can the see the aircon spitting
the water in the middle of the picture, just next to the

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