The Eve.....

So, today is the Eve and we discovered last night that there were problems with two watches. And so, it was a mad rush to go back to Plaza GM to get them exchanged. I was lucky because I had a customer nearby today.

While I was walking, this little girl was pulling a chair
with her string, thinking it was a pet.

Knowing it won't last, I still went ahead and bought this
watch for my Wife. There were a lot of variations and
the colour of the LEDs varied from Red to Blue. But
the blue LEDs tend to take a lot of energy, I chose
red instead. And this bracelet complements it.

On the way back, I saw these stickers selling for Rm0.40
on the condition that I buy 50 of them. So............heh heh

Then I saw these special stickers selling for RM1.80
but I have to buy 20 of them too. So............heh heh

They have faux fur on them with stickers on the other side,
which is ideal for making prototype books and props.

As soon as the the girls have gone to bed, we started
to adjust the watches and put them into boxes.

Alas, the stickers are not going in as Wife said so

I am starting to hate these projection watches as they
are very difficult to set the time and date as the two
small buttons are at the back. And most of the time,
4 out of 10, you will accidentally shine the bight white
LED into your face.

And so, with all that done, Wife can go to sleep while I worry about tomorrow. Because I would have to rush into the office, get leave a two hour leave, rush to take the cake from the bakery to the school and also get all the bags in. All must be done before 1030, which is their break time. Phew.

Don't trust the GPS

I was on my way to Semenyih and all of a sudden, I
realised that route was very different from the first
trip that I took. It led me me to Rinching where its
full of narrow roads, kampungs and more importantly,

How did I know its Rinching? Because the sign
says so, la.

And after more than an hour, did I finally get
to my destination. It seemed that the route I
took was the longer route which bypassed all
the tolls and is actually one big round and
reaching the customer from the back gate.

So, I only have to pay RM1.80 for Optimised'
route compared to Rm5.89 or so.