The quiet before the Storm.....

You know, today was quite a nice day, collected my comics (3 weeks overdue and they still kept them), no customers calling me, no stupid requests, no traffic jams and even the parking experience was quite good. Back home, Kristine was well-behaved and I got to take more photos for my website (hopefully ready by this weekend). So, this means, trouble is brewing around the corner....... and once again, I won't know until it hits me in the face.

Whoo-hoo! More parking spaces at Centrepoint soon. Reminds me of some Sci-Fi hangar

Some stuff I picked from the comic shop

And I could not resist this. This was sitting in the shop for years (since their 1-Utama days) and the price went from RM69.90 to RM49.90 to RM9.90. Yeah, the sculpting was wacko but hey, its 2000AD

OK, got some stuff for my workshop appointment tomorrow (Hopefully he is free)
Its the air filter, oil filter and fuel filter.

And this is how I can afford all these for this month. Heh

Stupid proverb of the day:
There is no such thing as a free lunch because you have to buy the ingredients first