Reparing my own tools

Well, this tester is more than a year old now, but its actually more than that. I made this tester long ago, and if I recall correctly, years before I joined this company. Sometimes, in order to save time or such, I will create my own tools if necessary, never mind if its on the market. Anyway, just to recap, this is the first version of the CCTV tester, where it tests for voltage polarity and cable shorts. Nothing more.

And right now, I am doing version two, which is much more than that and slightly more complicated in terms of wiring as well. But the problem is, once I created this tool I am not sure if I want the boys to use it, taking it for granted again. And I am also very sure that the company will not buy this tool. (Oho, I know you're going to say, if they want to use it, buy it, etc. But as you all know, talking is so much easier than done. Then again, you do not work here. Heh)

And so, this is that happens when I let the use the tools. It gets used until broken and that's it. No one would tell me that its broken or not working. And then, when they need to use it, they would just "remember" that is broken and I would not know until I probed as why was there a follow up to a certain customer. Sigh.

And so, this MKI needs to be repaired. Of course
they can just use a multitester but the complexity
of using such tool just overwhelms them. So, this is
the cheap and cheerful solution. But not robust.

I am still wondering how to "knock-proof" the
electronics because everytime this was dropped
(or more often) the impact would weaken the
solder joints to the point of snapping off. I have
tried using heat shrinking (yellow arrow) them
but to no avail. There must be a better way to
overcome such mechanical stress. I'm afraid the
MK II might suffer the same fate.