The word KISS in terms of implementation is, Keep It Simple, Stupid. When you design a circuit, you must think of the end result. Do not be clouded with the fact that you have to follow the circuit diagram printed from the Internet. Do not also be clouded with the fact that the very same circuit is the "de facto" circuit.

That client coming to you, is an honour and he has great expectations from you as well.

Not only that, when there is a deadline, you must keep to it and not let it rot for a year. Take a step back and try to look at the project from another angle. There is also another reason why people offered you an alternative solution. Its not to deflate your Ego as THE Engineer nor are they there to laugh at you. They have seen the problem and as a friend, gently offered you a better solution which is not only faster but also able to possibly impress beyond the client's specs.

Please listen to me, OK. Because the client had to come to me privately and I had to re-design the whole thing, rip out your chunky circuit, and come up with the goods within three days.

There are other Engineers out there better than me, such as you, but still, haih, I have no comment la.

From a two IC chip and lots of components to just one single IC, a voltage regulator and some resistors just to drive the 6 LEDs. Not only does it saves a lot of space in the casing, I can make it light up in various different patterns, something the original circuti cannot but, alas, it also robbed me of my sleep.

China hates Mice

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Cables from China. I think they're trying to say that its rodent-proof.


[This was a draft]
KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid.

23.03.2008 Damn! I don't know what this was for but it was one of those PIC projects, trying to use a stripboard instead of a customised PCB.