The Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons

Sometimes, at the dotted line, this is what it boils down to. The Pros and Cons.

For example, in a game, your hero will be strong and well stocked in the looks department. He can withstand a lot of punishment and throw it back with interest. But then, when it comes to say, certain skills, he is a agile as a fidgeting hippo. So, his character would read somethig like this:
Pros:- Strength:9, Charisma:9, Shield:9, Accuracy:8
Cons:- Stealth:1, Intelligence:3, Stamina:4, Lockpicking:0

Or how about this: You want that new Nikon D50 Digital Camera which is about RM3588. It has a lot of good features, and also is an improvement over the D70. The sharpness is there, etc. But the con side is, it uses those SD cards, has no backlight on the LCD screen, etc.

Or even, this: You have a girlfriend cute who is beautiful at the right places, smiles a lot, listens to you, and loves to cook for you. Her parents accepts you already and her Dad shares the same interests as you. But, like every Yin & Yang, or Pros and Cons, there is usually the Con side to that wonderful package. You have either found it already or worse, hidden from you until its too late. The cons might be, she likes Rugby or even worse, has a disturbing history of violent sleepwalking episodes which usually ends up at the Police Station.

So, in life, we just cannot have things our way. And even if we did, despite everything else, the result if either too good to be true or we're going to get it, in spades. How each Pros and Cons are calculated, is beyond me. Some simple Pros have a large Con and vice versa. And you cannot just outweigh a Pro with another Con. No, no, it just doesn't work that way. For example, say you're not supposed to take too much sugar but you like Root Beers. And today, you want to have as much Root Beers as you possibly can. So, you drink from 9Am to 9PM. Oh, wonderful bliss! Oh, but wait! There must be a con to all this, right? Yes, you guessed it, the cons are right here, from short term cons to long term cons:

Short-term Cons
1. You ran out of cash
2. Your credit card maxed out
3. They ran out of Root Beers
4. You forgot you're unemployed starting next week
5. You just can't stop jumping on the table and running around the playground outside

Long term cons
1. You're going to jail for not paying your credit card
2. You're bankrupt
3. You're banned from that Root Beer place and its branches for Life
4. Your Doctors like to have you around and its not just for golf

Oh, heck, now I have to go to work.