Funny Ice Cubes

This is what you get when you use the other half of
an egg container as icu cube mould

The trip down South ..... Johor

OK, here we go! Another trip outstation to Kulai and then Johor Bahru. The first stop was to go to Kulai and solve the problem of the customer being able to dial out the "#" key. Somehow, the original installer did something to the programs and I had to get it done. If not for the "slowness" of my Notebook, we could have left long time ago. Actually, the software in the Notebook has a very funny idea about processing speed. Once I exited from it, and reactivated the program, it went fast and after a few minutes, it slowed down to a crawl.

Anyhow, I thought it was the "Virus Mawar" pest but days later, after it was purged, the problem is stilll there. By the time we arrived in Johor, it was already close to four in the afternoon, no time to rush over to pay my 2004 parking fine. Yeah, apparently, some stupid salesman promised to pay for my ticket in 2004, did not and now, I have to do it myself. But it was too late and so, we got to work instead, finishing at about eight in the evening. The PABX had some corrupted software and so, I had to reinitialise and re-program the system again. And I thought to myself, maybe I should be selfish and stay a night there so that the next morning, I can pay the fine instead of mailing it.

But now, the nearby Hotel was fully booked and so, I had to hurry and finish my work, visit Holiday Plaza for some DVDs and drive back home. By the time we reached KL, it was about four in the morning. I was so tired and while my assistant was alseep, I counted nearly six near-fatal crash if I really did fall asleep at the wheel. Damn.

The next day, I reported for work at 2 in the afternoon as I slept seven hours straight. Seemes like waking up at seven to start the journey is not enough. Maybe I should have told my assistant to be ready at five in the morning....

I know, I know, I don't have a macro lens.
Shot outside the men's toilet somewhere
outside some R&R I forgot

As I sat down, I realised that if I played my
cards right, we could be staying the night in
JB as Boss expected us to do so anyway. But
Fate decided otherwise and I thought to too
as there are other backlogged service calls
that needs to be cleared before next week

See the spots/smears on the windscreen?
A lot of insects were killed for my own
displeasure. And this was at 90Kmh