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I got this from one of the Forums and the joke is quite nice. Go to the website and enjoy the rest of the comics.

BSG O2 Sensor Part IV

OK, its finally completed. Actually, it was completed last week and I brought it along to the Star Trek Premiere but Kal was not there. So, this gave me a bit more time to fine tune the programming a bit so it looked more "real". No fancy wancy blinking sequences. No Knight Rider effects and so on. Just plain Red and Green sweeps. Although this is a RGB (Red, Green Blue) LED, I only did the wiring to bring the Red and Green parts of the LED to work. OK, have a look at the video........

Oh, and I got you this nipple cover just in case you
have problems poking about in the suit.

Part of the circuit diagram. I always have people
asking me to publish them or they would not be
my good friends. OK, prefer to be a partial friend