When you have Lime

The girls were out in the garden with
Grandma today. And they have a very
productive afternoon as you can see.

So, like the they say, "When Life throws you Lemons...."
Which is fine but these are lime.

There was so much, even if they had made a lot of
lime juice drink, there was still a lot left.

So, "When Life throws you Lime, you make erm, Limeade and keep the rest in the fridge until they go bad weeks later."

Sweets from Australia

One of their favourite Aunties came last year and now, we're opening the bag of sweets she gave us. Trust me when I say, there is a difference between sweets from Australia and sweets from Malaysia. Take this one for example. Its those soft chewy types which is nice. The Australian version would be soft, chewy and they even combine the flavours and so, what you saw was not just the colours. For the Malaysian version, once you have tasted the Australian ones, it tasted like @^#$.

And so, for a brief afternoon, we ate all the
sweets, I think. If its still in the fridge, it
will still be soft and chewy. Really.

I loved the orange one best.