Vintage Presents from Richard

While Richard passed me the secret project, he also passed me some of his brother's unwanted model kits, which I gladly took. This was because he mentioned that the kits in question was done by his brother many years ago. And so, guesstimating his age and his brother, the kits could be very old indeed. The main reason why I said yes was because he mentioned submarines which you can see the insides.

And the only ones I know, apart from the Revell U-2540 which I was working on, was the Revell's Polaris and another German sub. And boy, was I right...

And so, these are the kits richard kindly gave to me. An aircraft carrier, which suspiciously looked like the Enterprise, Revell's Polaris Sub and the German U-47, A Matchbox instruction sheet for a Tomcat, an Airfix Gun Emplacement kit which I have never seen before and a Fujimi 1/76 diorama accessory.

A closer look at the aircraft carrier. Since I am not an expert at Naval Models, I cannot tell what this is but it just looks like the Enterprise.

And it came with some planes such as Phantoms and what looked like Ravens and they're all completely out of scale to each other. The only consolation is that this carrier will float on water...

Next up is the Fujimi 1/76. I think I used to see this in the 80's where the Anthonian Bookstore was the main source for them,

And when I opened the box, whoa!

This is so cool!

This is from Airfix, which, even during my younger years, I have never seen such model before. This is going to be very exciting...

OK, there were no instruction sheets on this but I think, I can modify it to suit my future projects.

Hokay, coming to the main subject. This is the Revell 1/125 German Sub U047. Its length is 21". which is a little bit longer than the 1/144 U-2540 Submarine. What is so nice is that its a cutaway too. Lighting possibilities? You bet!

And when I opened the box, it was partly built and the decals were, well, used

There were no instruction sheet and so, if I need to work on it, I would need to search for more information on the Internet. Oh, yeah, I have to remove the glued parts before I can do anything else on it. Still, let's see how my U-2540 works out.

This is the Revell 1/253 Polaris Submarine which I was waiting for. I am not sure why I like Submarines all of a sudden. Maybe because I missed out on the Bandai Shinkai 6500 or maybe I am still enamoured by the nuclear submarine, Stingray.

OK, so the instruction sheets are still there but the stand is missing, and so are some other parts.

However, one good thing is that MOST of the parts are still there

And the other half of the hull is not glued. If I were to light it up and put some sounds into it, I need to revise my design as due to the space limitation in the model, its going to be a challenge. And without the stand, its not that easy either.

All three ships lined up. Nice or not?