Moebius 1/32 Cylon Raider Part 001

Ok, I am very excited about this. What I have in my hands is Bruce's new 1/32 Cylon Raider from Moebius. This was because when it came out, not many were excited by it until he held it in his hands and took a picture. Then everyone realised that its big and yes, the mad rush was on.

Luckily, Bruce got his from shipped and so, I can say that he is one of the few proud owners to get this Cylon Raiders first here. And he is lending it to me for R&D. You see, we want to light this model up and the prospect of doing it in a very small space was a challenge. Anyway, this is the preliminary examination of the model kit:

Although the box of the Raider is the same size of the Viper, it is noticeable thinner.

But when you held the model in your hands, you realised that it is very big.
How did Moebius cram that into the box?

My plan was to have White LEDs for the thrusters and by the looks of this instruction sheet, it is possible.
Except that you need some sort of support when mounting the LED inside.

What is nice is that the 'Plasma Emitter' is clear and so, its going to be great.
But plastics being plastics, it is not easy to light-proof it especially when all the parts are glued together. You will see the light coming out from the joints even if you used aluminium tape inside the parts.

The real challenge lies in the head of the Raider. Stay tuned for more progress notes.

18022012 Trip to KK

This is our first trip after CNY, which is some sought after relief to be away from everything, especially for me. Here, I can have a real R&R plus Bruce is nearby which we can discuss more about modeling. There is a project coming up and we're sort of excited to get it out soon-ish. Anyway, as usual, the place needs to be cleaned up before anything.

After everyone has helped, it was time to take a rest. Also, it was a good opportunity to get the girls dressed

For lunch at Aeon. Note: The food there is not so appealing despite enjoying minutes of standing in line for everything

I can't help myself despite her Dad standing next to her. So cute!

New Gundam Age  toys in Jusco.
Which is weird but then, the new series was aimed to capture younger audiences and once you realised that, the toys are a logical move.

But what does not make sense is that these toys comes in separate parts from, from lower to upper torso. And well, if you want the whole 'complete' figure, you need to buy the complete set. Anyway, for the rest of us, this is a model kit. A RM510.00 1/48 scale (37.5cm tall) Gundam Age-1 model kit, to be exact.

As we're doing our weekend groceries, I can't help but look at the bread shelves.
Yep, the Massimo (right) outsold other breads.

Ah, this is something new from Gardenia.
Its called Passione Italiana which has "Herbal Mediteranrean Mixed grains".
Its really delicious but again, at the price its asking for, this is a rare treat for me.
And so, that's what we did for Saturday. I will blog later on my evening with Bruce on another post.

The next day, it was Spaghetti Lunch

The girls with theirs on their favourite table

While I had mine on, well, the MAIN table. Ha ha ha ha!
OH, this is the prototype for the Project. I am having problems with the flickering lights.

After lunch, it was time for Kristine to do some of her work

While Kaelynn found out the hard way that there is no Internet...

Going through my stash, this was Pol's "Battle Damaged Enterprise" awaiting new re-fits and electronics

Yeah, it was a long journey home and everyone's exhausted.

Still, it was a good weekend for all of us and especially for me as I get to go to Bruce's place as discuss stuff at great lengths (OK, I came back between 1AM and 3AM, I think)