Moebius 1/32 Cylon Raider Part 001

Ok, I am very excited about this. What I have in my hands is Bruce's new 1/32 Cylon Raider from Moebius. This was because when it came out, not many were excited by it until he held it in his hands and took a picture. Then everyone realised that its big and yes, the mad rush was on.

Luckily, Bruce got his from shipped and so, I can say that he is one of the few proud owners to get this Cylon Raiders first here. And he is lending it to me for R&D. You see, we want to light this model up and the prospect of doing it in a very small space was a challenge. Anyway, this is the preliminary examination of the model kit:

Although the box of the Raider is the same size of the Viper, it is noticeable thinner.

But when you held the model in your hands, you realised that it is very big.
How did Moebius cram that into the box?

My plan was to have White LEDs for the thrusters and by the looks of this instruction sheet, it is possible.
Except that you need some sort of support when mounting the LED inside.

What is nice is that the 'Plasma Emitter' is clear and so, its going to be great.
But plastics being plastics, it is not easy to light-proof it especially when all the parts are glued together. You will see the light coming out from the joints even if you used aluminium tape inside the parts.

The real challenge lies in the head of the Raider. Stay tuned for more progress notes.

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