We went to Seremban . . . . .

And all I got was this bottle of drinking paste.
Its nice. You get a spoon, scoop some into the
cup and add water. But the one I bought has
pineapple in it, so after a few cups, it tasted
like crap with all the pineapple bits floating
about. I should have stuck to the Honey
Line version. At Rm10.00, its expensive
but I just bought it to try once la.

Then I saw this nice Kawasaki bike. I am not
so good with bikes, but it looked like the ones
you use for racing.

But on closer look, its a Kawasaki Ninja given
those racing parts to make it look like a real
racing bike, like the front cowling and the petrol
tank. Its like people selling you a car but with
racing parts to make it look "nicer". But then,
this is a RM9,000 bike.